Monday, May 7, 2012

South America - a creative continent

 Our guest blogger, Digital Media student Emilia Åström, about her internship in South America.

I really enjoyed being in Hyper Island, to go to school was fun and stimulating and I made many new great friends, I do miss my friends but I might actually have more fun now on my internship than I had at Hyper Island. Even though we got to work with many good clients and interesting projects at Hyper Island I still thing the real world is still a bit more exciting to work in than school because you know that you are producing something that will be used, hopefully you get paid for it and you are constantly challenged by your more experienced colleagues (if not ask them).

During my internship I have gotten the opportunity to try many new things and but also focus on different skills I wanted to develop. Seven months internship is a long time and I'm happy I ended up with Kraft in Buenos Aires because my experience was so diverse. Since I came to Buenos Aires in the beginning of November last year I have changed office and role three times.

During Project Fly we worked in the so called garage, an open office space designed to promote creativity. We didn't have any clear roles, we all where so called flyers in this pilot. It was very interesting to get to work in such a flexible environment, and since I got to change role and location of my internship later on as well I have also managed to stay in this mood. Living and working in Argentina demands you to be very flexible and creative as well, many people I have met here have many different jobs and projects at the same time. When I talked about this with Maria in the beginning she also told me that the reason why the Argentinians are so flexible might be because since a long time they have learned to live with economical and political change. It's a very interesting insight and might be part of the explanation of why Project Fly started in South America and not anywhere else in the world.

I think Hyper Island did a good job preparing us for a life like this too. The world is going to be more complex and there is going to be more and more change all the time, and by continuing to use reflection and learn to learn after Hyper Island you are definitely more fit to keep up and adapt to change. I'm very inspired by being in South America, and after our graduation in Stockholm in June I want to come back! I feel that there are more interesting things left to do here!

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