Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Project Fly at Hyper Island today!

 The last blog post from Digital Media student Emilia in Buenos Aires.

Today my mentors Maria Mujica from Kraft Foods and Nico Pimentel from + Castro Innovation held a presentation of Project Fly at Hyper Island in Stockholm. If you missed, no worries, I'm writing more about my Project Fly experience today! To explain in one sentence what Project Fly is I would compare it with an innovation incubator made up by a group of people with different skills working together for three weeks in a garage (the name of our office during the project to enhance the entrepreneurial feeling) coming up with marketing innovations for one Kraft brand.

To develop Project Fly Kraft teamed up with Contagious Magazine, a magazine and blog focused on the latest in advertising. There are a couple of insights that leads up to the initial idea of the innovation incubator in Kraft. The digital evolution has changed the way companies has to communicate with their consumers. Digital products are also expensive to produce (there is an old misconception that digital advertising is cheap, but more and more companies start to realize that it's not) and therefore it is better to invest in projects that stays relevant for a longer time than a campaign traditionally do. In the background also lies the belief that everyone, background not important, has the capacity to come up with good ideas. Something we have seen more and more lately are production companies who sell digital products directly to companies without the advertising agency in between. This also means that the company can come up with ideas and produce them without the advertising agencies and Project Fly is Kraft's implementation of this new way of working.

The participants of Project Fly came from all over the world. The group was almost as diverse as our class at Hyper Island. Within the group of 15 the persons who participated there where marketing directors from Kraft offices in every corner of South America as well as creative's and strategists from leading digital and advertising agencies all over the world. To run Project Fly in Buenos Aires Kraft teamed up with +Castro Innovation, a local innovative advertising agency. I also got to work with Deeplocal from Pittsburgh, Cubocc and We are Social from Sao Paulo, Saatchi & Saatchi from Buenos Aires, and British Brain Juicer. It was really cool to see how a group of people from different cultures and different backgrounds who speak different languages can work so well together right from start. Something I really enjoyed was that we didn't have any clear roles - we where all problem solvers working on the same brief doing research, idea generation and development of concepts together. Before we started working together we never had a proper introduction where everyone would get to present their background, but this just made it easier to go with the flow and do what worked best for the moment. I also believe this helped to develop the hierarchy free environment we had in the garage.

The first day we where briefed on what brand we would work on and what kind of solutions we would create. We worked on the same brief for all the three weeks but everyday we attacked the problem from different angles based on different insights. In the mornings we would have lectures to be inspired about everything from insights about the target group to case studies of social media and applications. I really liked the lectures we had at Hyper Island and it was great to “be back in school again” and get new input. In the afternoons we would then work on coming up with solutions based on what we have learned in the morning. As Hyper Island students we got to help out organizing workshops for idea generation, reflection and feedback.

After three weeks we had tons of ideas covering everything from digital products and outdoor activations to product innovations, CSR activities and culture changes. When Project Fly ended I stayed and worked at +Castro with the production of prototypes and case videos for the best ideas generated during the garage. Unfortunately I can't share the result yet since we haven't implemented them in the real world but as soon as I can I will show them.

The whole experience was for me very similar with being at Hyper Island, both because we got to use many of the methods we used in school but also because of the unstructured flexible way of working. I'm really happy I got to be part of this experience! I learned a lot and made loads of great new friends all over the world.

The pilot of Project Fly was also very successful and therefore Kraft are going to do four more garages this year to come up with innovations for four additional brands! The best part of this is that Kraft wants more Hyper Island students to come to Buenos Aires this year to participate in Project Fly.

Thank you for following me on my internship for a week! This is also the last day for me posting at the Hyper Island blog, continue to follow me on Twitter @therivertweet. See you!

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