Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our New Website & Brand Update Coming Soon

We're super excited to roll out the first phase of two major projects that have been going on at Hyper Island - a brand update and a new website. 

Here's a quick break down of the two projects and what we've been up to.

About a year ago, a mixed team of coworkers from different parts of Hyper Island started working on evolving the Hyper Island brand. While our branding worked ok, it lacked the great personality that characterize all our students, coworkers, partners and friends. We needed to fresh things up with clear guidelines and good templates to enable people to communicate through the Hyper Island brand. We decided to get feedback from everyone who loves Hyper Island to help us really pinpoint our image, personality and soul.

This vision of doing it together materialized in some crowd-sourcing - the survey. More than 1000 dedicated people gave us their input and a great foundation to base the work on when identifying our collected soul. In addition, we spent a day with all coworkers (who brought in plenty of input from students and partners) to really nail things down. 

This has now generated a revamp of the Hyper Island brand which is currently being finalized and will be released on an ongoing basis. We're not doing a new logo or anything huge, it's more to be considered a freshening up of the brand. We'll introduce a few new colors, a few new fonts, a social word mark and guidelines and templates to enable us to be more effective and more awesome.

Along the branding process, we've had some great help from our friends at Doberman and Area 17.

It's no secret that we've had a problematic website presence for quite some time. In May last year, we decided to start working on changing it and we created a mixed web team to create the new site. We started by outlining our needs from a business perspective, and soon after listening to all major target audiences in focus groups to see what your needs were.

We got a lot of great input and started looking for someone to build the website. Area17 became our choice with an impressive portfolio and overall good feeling and in December 2011 and we started working collaboratively on a scope of work. First the architecture, follow by art direction and design with a parallel process on technology aspects of the website happened simultaneously.

One consistent finding from alumni and students in the research we did was the possibility to "show who you are and what you do" which isn't working well on our current site and the student directory. This is now a core aspect of the entire website experience. We have a rich profile experience that is using 3rd party content to aggregate a dynamic profile utilizing content from places online which you're already at. This line of thinking will show Hyper Island's core; the people, as a central aspect in our communication.

We view the website as we believe one should view sites today, a work in progress that we'll always develop further to accommodate your and our needs. 

Please contact me directly if you have any Qs regarding this.
We’re looking forward to take Hyper Island to the next level with you!

Charlotte Sundåker (@charlottisch), Marketing Director

+ Brand Team
Åsa Silfverberg 

Martina Lindgren

Lucas Stoffel

+ Website team
David Stypulkowski

Sveinung Skaalnes

Lucas Stoffel 

Christian Olsson

Christina Andersson

Website sneak peek.

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