Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Greetings from Buenos Aires

Hi! My name is Emilia. During one week I will share my internship experience through the Hyper Island blog and Twitter account. I'm attending the Digital Media program in Stockholm but since 5 months I'm living in Buenos Aires in Argentina where I'm doing my internship for Kraft Foods as a creative strategist and producer. 

Now you might wonder what a creative strategist is doing at Kraft Foods. I can tell you that I did too before I got here. To introduce myself and my internship experience I will tell the story of how I ended up here and why.

In October we received an email from Kraft who wanted a couple of students from Hyper Island to participate in the pilot of Project Fly. I answered the email and three weeks later Madeleine Fia Mattson (another student from the Digital Media program) and I flew to Buenos Aires. The objective of Project Fly was to  come up with digital innovations that could be used to market a Kraft brand, in only three weeks. We literally started working as soon as we arrived to Buenos Aires. We stayed in a hotel together with the other participants of Project Fly and during the days we worked in a conference space nearby. Kraft employees from all over South America came to Buenos Aires to join the project as well as creatives and strategists from advertising agencies all over the world. Kraft created and ran Project Fly together with Contagious Magazine and +Castro Innovation. What caught my attention and made me apply was the opportunity to be part of an experiment like Project Fly, the opportunity to work with agencies from all over the world and to get to know South America (it's my first time here).

When Project Fly ended Fia and I started working in +Castro developing prototypes and case videos for the digital innovations we came up with. Fia went home before Christmas to continue her internship at Circus Cirk├Âr. I was also supposed to go home but I got my placement extended and I'm still here! Right now I'm doing the last two months of my internship at the digital department of Kraft working with social media, applications and campaigns.

I was working in advertising before I started Hyper Island but I notice that now I'm better at collaborating, more confident and flexible in new situations and better at learning new things continuously. Kraft are very open to Hyper Island methodology and I've gotten many opportunities to use and share what I've learned. Working with Contagious Magazine I have also improved my strategic skills, working with Castro I improved as a creative and working within Kraft I get the opportunity to implement these new learnings. 1,5 year ago when I started Hyper Island I could never have imagined myself being where I am doing what I'm doing now. I thought I would do my internship at an agency in Europe or North America but now I'm in South America at the marketing department of a multinational company! At the same time I've also learned Spanish and a new culture.

Tomorrow I will tell you a bit more about what I did during Project Fly but on May the 8th my mentors from Project Fly, Maria Mujica from Kraft and Nico Pimentel from +Castro Innovation will do a speech at Hyper Island in Stockholm.

Stay put for new updates! Bye!

When Emilia is not writing for the Hyper Island blog she is writing her own blog at


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