Saturday, May 5, 2012

Checking in with Buenos Aires, Part 2

Second post from Digital Media student Emilia Åström, who is doing her internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since a month I do my internship at Kraft's office in Buenos Aires with Hortensia at the digital department. Hortensia started working with digital consumer insights one year ago and before that she worked for a digital agency here in Buenos Aires. Since starting to work for Kraft she has developed digital strategies for the brands to improve their presence online. One year ago most brand had a very light or no digital presence online but now most of them are active in social media and they also do many digital campaigns. With Project Fly we also developed many digital campaigns that will be implemented later on.

Working in the digital department is very alternate because it means that I get to collaborate with many different departments in Kraft and with all brands. Hortensia and I share office with the consumer insights department and I'm working together with the marketing directors and their advertising and digital agencies to develop the brands digital strategies, campaigns and activities in social media.

I'm also involved in projects with the HR department and internal communication. One of the reasons Kraft are interested in having students from Hyper Island working in Kraft is to let them share their knowledge of Hyper Island method and process to inspire the culture to become more open to change and innovation. Everyone at Kraft has been very open and curious to learn more about Hyper Island and for me as a Hyper Island student it has also been very interesting to get to do process follow ups and idea generations in a real working environment with my colleagues and try out how to best use the methods in an environment different than Hyper Island. As students in Hyper Island we are working with these methods daily but of course the conditions when working with these methods in an office are different and demand for other ways to present and work with them. By doing this I have understood a lot of how to work with and present the Hyper Island methods in the future and this is definitely something I will bring with me from Kraft.

Today I have a couple of meetings with some brands to present my feedback on some activities they are planning to perform on Facebook this year and I'm also going to present an idea for an application. To work in the same office as marketing directors is very different from coming in from an agency to present ideas. Since we are all in the same building it is much easier to just drop by to show some new ideas or discuss how to move forward. In this way the client is much more involved in the process and I get much better access to their knowledge about the market and target group. Since I have been working at advertising agencies before it is interesting to try another way of working now, or as we say at Hyper Island – step out of your comfort zone.

See you at Twitter later for live updates from Kraft!

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