Friday, April 13, 2012

Meet eCommerce Business Student Jacob

eCommerce Business student Jacob Nordendahl is currently doing his internship at We asked him 7 questions about that and other things.

How is it going?
It's going very well! The sun is shining and I am happy to be out working with my internship. But of course I miss Hyper Island ;)

Where are you doing your internship?
I am doing my internship at at their head office down in Borås in the south of Sweden. Nelly is the leading online fashion retailer in the Nordics. I am mainly working with the New Markets team.

Why did you you choose this internship?
The founder of, Jarno Vanhatapio, was our module leader in the "long term business strategy" module in January. I had already found myself a nice internship in Stockholm. But after me and Jarno had lunch together he offered me to come down to Borås and help out with their expansion instead. We later spoke on the phone a couple of times and I felt I wanted to go to Nelly more and more.

So when I was promised that I would get to work with practically anything I wished for and have a lot of responsibility, and I found out that it's a young company with fast decisions and that my ideas would be decided upon directly, I said yes. And I don't regret it.

What are you working with today?
As Nelly aim to grow 100% each year in turnover, their international expansion is very important. So for me, it's a lot of hands on work with big responsibility and tight deadlines, for example:
  • doing the pre studies before entering a new country, 
  • sorting the legal questions with customs, local rules and regulations. 
  • converting our Terms and Conditions to suit new markets. 

But also other tasks outside the New Markets area:
  • analyzing the marketing ROI (for TV, affiliate marketing, other online marketing), 
  • doing P&L's and business plans for new business areas within the Nelly brand (secret stuff ;) ) 
  • working with Google analytics and crazy egg to optimize the site and conversion. 
Last week we were down in Malmö on the CDONgroup Awards with Nelly, CDON,, and all the other companies within the CDONgroup. An awesome party and everyone had dressed up with clothes from the twenties.

I'm going over to London for our release party for the UK site in a couple of weeks which will be super cool.

Other learnings:
Outside Nelly, I am currently studying for the Google Adwords and Google Analytics certificates and my plan is to have them all done by May. Last but not least :) I have been horse riding and also popped popcorn on a bus for the first times, haha!

Where are you in 3 years?
I hope to be working as the eCommerce manager with a lot of space to experiment with optimization, campaigns and cool creative features. Or I have started my own eCommerce company, maybe together with another Hyper Island student... The future will tell.

Jacob's of course on Twitter where you can ask more about his Hyper Island experience and internship. Interested in what his doing? Check out our eCommerce Business program.

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