Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Former Hyper Island student receives Kycklingstipendiet 2012

Last night, Hyper Island Digital Media alumnus Björn Kusa, was awarded with Kycklingstipendiet, a scholarship from Guldägget set out to encourage new promising creative talent. Today, Björn works as an Art Director at Åkestam Holst in Stockholm.

The reasons for rewarding Björn with Kycklingstipendiet: “The hope for salvation is something that the advertising industry share with the church. We’ve hardly ever seen such a strong candidate. You’ve made blind people see – and car drivers to discover dangers in the dark. Your talent for using technology in an innovative and relevant way is just what this industry needs”.

We want to congratulate all three winners Eric Palmér, Gustav Johansson and Björn Kusa, good luck to all of you with future challenges!

Read more at Dagens Media or Medievärlden (in Swedish).

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D said...

Björn wasn't in the IAD class. Björn is in fact a proud student of the Digital Media 2010 class :)