Friday, April 13, 2012

After two months in London as an eCommerce intern, what have I learned?

So. Today it's been exactly two months since I moved here to London to do my internship (and to live some as well).
I started my internship just the day after I arrived. It was action from the first start.

I'm doing my internship at a design furniture company called Infurn ( registered in the UK, but their biggest market is Scandinavia because most of the designers are from there.

My focus has been to do the things I want to develop in, such as campaign analysis and budgets flow and a to be able to se faults and report improvements all over (also focus on Google AdWords and Analytics). Because the work at a eCommerce company is'nt just about doing one thing, of course you're specialized on something. It's about always have control over the bigger view. How to solve delivery problems, everything from small problem as deal with product pictures to major delivery problems.

A big part of being a eCommerce Business student at Hyper Island has been to get better at cooperation. Another part of Hyper Island is to strive after a harmony and balanced co-oping within the group you're in. Too learn to feedback and lift each other in the process of creating and building strategies etc. Feedback and reflecting upon fails and go further to better solutions.

One of the funniest part have been to learn to talk and handle B2B deals and campaigns. That's a amazing experience- To see the outcome from an campaign idea to a meeting, and then from a meeting to a bigger meeting, and then to an email and then to phone calls and Skype conferences. And finally to sign a agreement.

Also a great part of having an internship in a other country is the possibility to move. I've just been to London once, three years ago. I was'nt falling in love with the city, but I found it interesting. I choose to go to London because of the reason I knew a friend working at the company and I saw a huge potential to grow (career wise) in London than it was if I was about to stay in Stockholm.
If you (as an student going for internship) have got the gut to ask for a paid internship - do it. I think companies set a higher value on you as a intern when you're paid compared to not be. But the drawback could be that the things you really want to do is slipping aside, when the company sees you as a part time employee.

I'll write more about my experience this weekend!

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