Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Stumholmen i Fokus"

On Saturday, the place where Hyper Island was born, the island Stumholmen in Karlskrona, Sweden, will have a day celebrating it's history, presence and past.

Here's the schedule:

13.00 - 13.30
History of Stumholmen

13.30 - 16.00
Stumholmen the Movie (by Mattias Olsson)

Talk about memories from Stumholmen and get the book ”Minnen från svunna arbetsplatser på Stumholmen”.

13.30 & 15.00 
Stumholmen Tour

Open House in Kronohäktet & Båtmanskasernen


Arrangörer: Blekinge museum, Marinmuseum, Karlskrona kommun och Hyper Island

Friday, April 20, 2012

Checking in with New York; Christoffer and Dom at digital agency Vitro

Getting behind the scenes of the recently launched project stopatnever.com together with Hyper Island student Christoffer Lorang Dahl and alumni Dominic Al-Samarraie.

Introduce yourselves!
Dom: I'm part of the first class out of Hyper Island Manchester - the Digital Media Management Program. Before Hyper Island and coming out to New York for an internship at Vitro, my background was in fashion. I still design for and run my own label called Dom Dick & Harry and I'll be out in New York for the foreseeable working as an Art Director here.

Christoffer: I'm a post-designer and boy scout from Oslo, Norway. After a couple of years in media and advertising there, I was fortunate enough to join the Digital Media Program in Karlskrona. I came to Vitro NYC to work as a producer, but day to day I do a lot more than that. I don't have a background in fashion, but I'm pretty happy to wear nice clothes.

Tell us about the project and the initial brief?
The client is ASICS America, whose shoes are pretty incredible. Actually they are known for making the best running shoes in the world - but the current customers are mainly marathon runners and we wanted to get into a bigger market, basically anyone who is running, but also a younger audience who is generally into staying active and healthy.

The project actually started in February of this year, when we got a 24 hour brief to show the technical side of the shoes, because they are very technical, but we wanted to show that in a fun and communicative way. The mock up that was created during that 24 hour brief was the start of the rest of the project - and the main idea and overall look actually stayed the same. It was a short project - only 6 weeks - and very intense.

The Asics brand had been communicating a lot about the "spirit" of the runner/athlete; ie defying rankings, competing with themselves, etc.  We kept those elements alive for this project, and focused on making the tech side fun and interesting. Like; to be able to run across water you need good equipment. You can see the end result, with all of the different videos and the interactive shoe exploration, at stopatnever.com. All clips are 100% real!

What was the work process like?

C (producer): Because our offices are in New York and California, and both offices were working together on this project production, it was even more important than usual to communicate what was happening. Everybody had to be aligned and working towards the exact same goal. On top of that we were working with the production company Kokokaka in Sweden to create the site, so the time difference was another factor we had to deal with. Working from New York, it was three hours back to San Diego, and then six hours forward to Sweden. Yet, the success of the site proves that collaboration across the world is possible.

D (designer): For me, the process was very intense in the first two weeks setting out the concept and defining design details at the start that would aid us throughout the project. In a very short time we created a production-ready deck that showed every aspect of the site, so how each page would look and work, how videos would play, how the parallax scrolling would feel, and how the sharing functions would display for example. Most agencies don't do this - they leave a lot to the imagination. VITRO leaves nothing out. If it's going in the final product, we mock it up before hand. I think this is one thing about VITRO that's different - that much design is a lot of work, but that way the final product is much easier to see from the outset, and it prevents question marks from popping up in the client's head.

What was most challenging?
D: The most challenging thing for me was to ensure details in the finished site were as true as possible to the initial concept and design. I love design that is as simple as possible and seeing everything we made from a user's point of view allowed us to keep that purity and function we intended as well as having a great looking site.

C: Firstly, to quickly explore the creative solutions together in order to create a statement of work that rightfully and exactly defined the project as we intended it to be. Furthermore, from a tech perspective; to create a content heavy web site is always a pain. By weighing in things like available bandwidth, screen sizes, browsers and so on, we were able to make a decision where I think we placed both feet firmly in the 2010s internet-vise.

How would you sum it up in 2 words?

C: Exciting stress.
D: Proud & sleepless.

Finally, who would win a fight between dragon vs dragon sized alligator?

C: The alligator, because it's evolved for millions of years, outliving even the dinosaurs. Also, dragons don't exist.
D: The dragon, he would just shoot fire everywhere.

The Digital Media Management program in Manchester is now open for applications, the program starts January 2013.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Former Hyper Island student receives Kycklingstipendiet 2012

Last night, Hyper Island Digital Media alumnus Björn Kusa, was awarded with Kycklingstipendiet, a scholarship from Guldägget set out to encourage new promising creative talent. Today, Björn works as an Art Director at Åkestam Holst in Stockholm.

The reasons for rewarding Björn with Kycklingstipendiet: “The hope for salvation is something that the advertising industry share with the church. We’ve hardly ever seen such a strong candidate. You’ve made blind people see – and car drivers to discover dangers in the dark. Your talent for using technology in an innovative and relevant way is just what this industry needs”.

We want to congratulate all three winners Eric Palmér, Gustav Johansson and Björn Kusa, good luck to all of you with future challenges!

Read more at Dagens Media or Medievärlden (in Swedish).

Friday, April 13, 2012

After two months in London as an eCommerce intern, what have I learned?

So. Today it's been exactly two months since I moved here to London to do my internship (and to live some as well).
I started my internship just the day after I arrived. It was action from the first start.

I'm doing my internship at a design furniture company called Infurn (http://www.infurn.com/) registered in the UK, but their biggest market is Scandinavia because most of the designers are from there.

My focus has been to do the things I want to develop in, such as campaign analysis and budgets flow and a to be able to se faults and report improvements all over (also focus on Google AdWords and Analytics). Because the work at a eCommerce company is'nt just about doing one thing, of course you're specialized on something. It's about always have control over the bigger view. How to solve delivery problems, everything from small problem as deal with product pictures to major delivery problems.

A big part of being a eCommerce Business student at Hyper Island has been to get better at cooperation. Another part of Hyper Island is to strive after a harmony and balanced co-oping within the group you're in. Too learn to feedback and lift each other in the process of creating and building strategies etc. Feedback and reflecting upon fails and go further to better solutions.

One of the funniest part have been to learn to talk and handle B2B deals and campaigns. That's a amazing experience- To see the outcome from an campaign idea to a meeting, and then from a meeting to a bigger meeting, and then to an email and then to phone calls and Skype conferences. And finally to sign a agreement.

Also a great part of having an internship in a other country is the possibility to move. I've just been to London once, three years ago. I was'nt falling in love with the city, but I found it interesting. I choose to go to London because of the reason I knew a friend working at the company and I saw a huge potential to grow (career wise) in London than it was if I was about to stay in Stockholm.
If you (as an student going for internship) have got the gut to ask for a paid internship - do it. I think companies set a higher value on you as a intern when you're paid compared to not be. But the drawback could be that the things you really want to do is slipping aside, when the company sees you as a part time employee.

I'll write more about my experience this weekend!

Meet eCommerce Business Student Jacob

eCommerce Business student Jacob Nordendahl is currently doing his internship at Nelly.com. We asked him 7 questions about that and other things.

How is it going?
It's going very well! The sun is shining and I am happy to be out working with my internship. But of course I miss Hyper Island ;)

Where are you doing your internship?
I am doing my internship at Nelly.com at their head office down in Borås in the south of Sweden. Nelly is the leading online fashion retailer in the Nordics. I am mainly working with the New Markets team.

Why did you you choose this internship?
The founder of Nelly.com, Jarno Vanhatapio, was our module leader in the "long term business strategy" module in January. I had already found myself a nice internship in Stockholm. But after me and Jarno had lunch together he offered me to come down to Borås and help out with their expansion instead. We later spoke on the phone a couple of times and I felt I wanted to go to Nelly more and more.

So when I was promised that I would get to work with practically anything I wished for and have a lot of responsibility, and I found out that it's a young company with fast decisions and that my ideas would be decided upon directly, I said yes. And I don't regret it.

What are you working with today?
As Nelly aim to grow 100% each year in turnover, their international expansion is very important. So for me, it's a lot of hands on work with big responsibility and tight deadlines, for example:
  • doing the pre studies before entering a new country, 
  • sorting the legal questions with customs, local rules and regulations. 
  • converting our Terms and Conditions to suit new markets. 

But also other tasks outside the New Markets area:
  • analyzing the marketing ROI (for TV, affiliate marketing, other online marketing), 
  • doing P&L's and business plans for new business areas within the Nelly brand (secret stuff ;) ) 
  • working with Google analytics and crazy egg to optimize the site and conversion. 
Last week we were down in Malmö on the CDONgroup Awards with Nelly, CDON, Tretti.se, and all the other companies within the CDONgroup. An awesome party and everyone had dressed up with clothes from the twenties.

I'm going over to London for our release party for the UK site in a couple of weeks which will be super cool.

Other learnings:
Outside Nelly, I am currently studying for the Google Adwords and Google Analytics certificates and my plan is to have them all done by May. Last but not least :) I have been horse riding and also popped popcorn on a bus for the first times, haha!

Where are you in 3 years?
I hope to be working as the eCommerce manager with a lot of space to experiment with optimization, campaigns and cool creative features. Or I have started my own eCommerce company, maybe together with another Hyper Island student... The future will tell.

Jacob's of course on Twitter where you can ask more about his Hyper Island experience and internship. Interested in what his doing? Check out our eCommerce Business program.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

HM Queen Silvia of Sweden & Jenni Haukio, Finland's First Lady to Visit Hyper Island

On Tuesday April 17th Hyper Island will host HM Queen Silvia and Jenni Haukio - Finland's first lady. 

Stay tuned for updates during the visit and read more here (announcement in Swedish).

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sean Chambers, ECD at Razorfish London

Source is a creative communications recruitment agency based in London. Here's Sean Chambers, ECD at Razorfish who talks about his role, the ad industry and a mention of Hyper Island toward the end.