Friday, March 30, 2012

The Digitals: Culture of Change

Introducing Hyper Island's Manchester Masters Program Digital Media Management's first group task with the brief "What part do you think that culture will play in the future of digital media communication?"

So, if you are reading this, you are one of the citizens from a community who shares the same culture called The Digitals.
The Digital’s culture is made of thousands of others cultures from all over the world. They came from every country, city, planet, galaxy, home, school and restaurant you can imagine.

The Digitals native Culture remains an influence which introduces a melting pot of habits which influence them as citizens of digital culture. The online and offline for The Digitals are the same and together make demands of each other – an exchange of change: Often two things happen at once – contradiction is at the heart of the coming together of cultures  of The Digitals.

A perfect example of this occurred in August 2011 when the riots in London erupted over the social networks. The organisation of the chaos was enabled by the sharing of times and places on platforms shared by users all over the city. At the agreed ‘space in reality’, what was planned online, happened.
The need for a response to the destruction and violence brought the social networks back into the picture where other Digitals planned a clear up. So from culture in digital, to culture in reality right back to culture in digital again.We have the organisation, the riot, the organisation and the clear up.

Often The Digitals are inspired by creation: Technology is their main tool for gathering together and using power to initiate the change they want to see in the world. Their every day inspires new platforms to be built:

The cultures of the world, in themselves beautiful, are now coming together – The Digitals will become one. They will all one day have 2.4 apple products and a dog. Culture is communication through collaboration – digital media accelerates this.

Our opinions and voices resonate because we have the choice to be heard. They inspire, educate, connect, share and shape what we are all about. Our stories, words and thoughts have power. Our power is our group and number. Power comes from easy access of information, free speech, inexistence of boundaries and collaboration.

The voice we speak unites masses larger than countries, and this is the beauty of Digital Media Communication.

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