Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7 Questions to Team Monstrosity About Jays Headphones Nusound Final Project

Digital Media students Emelie, Evy, Katryna, Markus, Mikael and William, also known as Team Monstrosity, worked with Jays headphones for their final project to create Nusound Experience for true sound lovers. Here are 7 questions to the team about the project.

Introduce yourselves!

We're team Monstrosity from DM12 in Karlskrona, consisting of Emelie, Evy, Katryna, Markus, Mikael and William. We worked together on our final project of Hyper Island during fall 2011, but are currently spread all over the world doing our internships in Stockholm, Berlin, Helsinki, New York and Porto Alegre.

Team Monstrosity:
Strategy: William Hollowell (AKQA - Berlin)
Copywriter: Emelie Jinhee Johnsson (HelloMonday - New York)
Design: Katryna Jones (R/GA - Stockholm)
Design: Ingvild Eide Lybeck (HelloMonday - New York)
Tech: Markus Jönsson (Luxus - Helsinki)
Motion Graphics: Mikael Lindahl (Santa Transmedia Production - Porto Alegre)

Tell us about the project and the initial brief?

Jays headphones came to us to help engage an international audience with a world class sound experience. We created this concept to help them grow and spread their message of being true music and sound enthusiasts. NuSound gives music lovers the true sound experience they crave - both locally and globally, through the use of digital technology. NuSound stands for the core values of Jays headphones - innovation and an ultimate sound experience!

Are you headphonistas or how come you work with this project?

We're more Digital Media freaks, but ended up becoming headphonistas working on this project.

This being our final project, Hyper had to throw us a wild card. We had to choose from a handful of blind briefs. All we knew was that the client was an accessory company related to portable media players. This company wanted us to help them achieve a broader brand identity, act on a larger global scale, and increase the amount of fans in Social Media.

How was the work process?

The work process was put into two main stages. The first being Idea development, concept and strategy, and then it was all production, production, production! Most of our time went to the initial stage, and we went back and forth with several ideas, and strategies until we finally pitched to Jays.

One thing that was super important to us as a creative team was keeping a happy work environment and just giving us time to hang out as a group outside of work - aka some good old fashion team building. There was a weekend trip in a cabin, hikes, boat ride, potluck dinners, and lots of beer and coffee!

What was most challenging?

The most challenging part of this project was trying to keep the client in the loop and keeping them happy! We ended up going for a big and bold idea that would be impossible to produce in the time frame of our project, so we really had to sell the idea, do a lot of research and plan out a budget (yuk).

We also said from the very start that the initial phase of research, strategy and idea generation was very important and everyone would play an equal role in. Sometimes its easy to jump ahead and rush into mocking up ideas and desiging a website/app/interface....but you have to have strategy to back it up!

How do you think the future looks for headphones. They've stayed pretty intact through the years, do you think there'll be a revolution in how they work and function?

Headphones are just like any tech product - they keep coming out with better functioning, and more technologically advanced products for the user. In todays information age, technology is also becoming more intelligent. It is able to respond to our needs in a more intelligent way, and in turn it becomes more social. It is this social aspect that we tried to dissect and use to connect with the Jays audience. Jays wanted to be seen as a rock band, and their customers the "fans". NuSound is all about the fans love for music, and the social connections in between.

Finally, the most important question: who'd win in a fight between a gorilla and a gorilla sized mosquito?

Gorilla sized Mosquito - lets face it, a gorilla sized mosquito is a freaky sight!

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