Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Motion Graphics Student Leo Marthaler - Winner of Cut and Paste Motion Category - Berlin

We had a chat with Motion Graphics student Leo Marthaler who recently won the Berlin installment ofthe digital design tournament Cut & Paste. Leo competed in the Motion/Animation category

Your quick story, pre Hyper Island to now?
I am a Storyteller and Designer raised by a bunch of marmots in the Swiss mountains. I have been working around the globe for a few years now and it seems that meeting as many inspiring people as possible and create super duper work with them is what drives me in life. That's one of the reasons I came to Hyper Island.

What is Cut&Paste?
Cut & Paste is a digital tournament that showcase the fastest designers and digital artists around the world. There are more than 10 cities participating, from Tokyo to Los Angeles, London and Berlin. Each competitor has to perform a challenge in a certain amount of time - live on stage. The winners earn the right to perform at the Cut and Paste Global Championship in fall 2012 in NYC.

How did you approach the challenge, any special tips?
They gave us the theme a week in advance. I actually worked my as* off to prepare it! It was really stressful but if I can give any tip, it would be to enjoy the process of making it! Sweating blood, work until 6 in the morning and talking to your computer, I love it all!

What was your thought process for the project?
Basically I try to approach all my work from a storytelling point of view. I ask myself this question ''What could make this piece worth watching it?' Humour is of course a great thing in my work.  Gosh, I think this job is truly awesome!!

Must of course ask, is it based on personal experience? 
This one time in summer camp...

This fall you'll head to the finals in NYC - what else do you got in the pipeline?
A ten day meditation retreat in a Swedish monastery (Yeah I love to experiment) and after that - 
a month in the Phillipines to experiment on the Ideas Island ( with a team comprised some of the boldest and awesomest Hyper students. We are going to make it big. Stay tuned!

I am  also relocating to Los Angeles in April 2012 for a few months where I am looking for an internship. If you have true passion for storytelling and value innovative ideas and design over mere trends, drop me a line. I think we could have an epic time collaborating!

Finally, who would win in a fight between a T. rex and a T. rex sized scorpion?
The meteorite.

Good luck in New York! Check more work by Leo and connect here:
Twitter: @Superdupereight

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