Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hyper Island & Digital Media in Guldlådan 2012

Guldlådan is an annual competition that the Swedish Post Office (Posten) arranges. The competition focuses on taking Direct Marketing to the next level through creative solutions for snail mail. A group from Digital Media 2013 in Stockholm are nominated for today's final vote.

Of course, we asked the team a couple of questions!

Tell us about the guldlådan competition and the brief for this project ?

Guldlådan 2012 is a direct commercial competition for advertising students arranged by Posten. It’s been around in today’s format since 2002 but can be traced back as far as 1988. This years brief in the business to consumer category was to create awareness and increase the usage of QR-codes in Sweden.

Is there something extra close to your heart in this brief that gave you incentive to join?
We started talking about entering competitions before Christmas and somewhere around the same time Posten came and gave us information about Guldlådan. It was more the competitive aspect than the specific brief that appealed to us. As true Hypers we find most briefs interesting! Since all of us really enjoy hanging out together and we wanted to have projects outside of Hyper Island this was a huge plus so we decided to enter and give it 100%!

How was the work process in this project?
In the first stages of the project we wanted to create an environment where creativity could flow freely. It came to that point where any idea could reach the stars. We are all very direct and honest towards each other and in the later stages we used this to refine both the process and product. But most importantly lots of delicious home cooked meals, late nights and loud laughs!

What was most challenging?
It was quite hard to motivate usage of a 15 year old technology and to actually find a way to make people use this technology that never really got it’s breakthrough.

How do you think we'll use QR codes 10 years from now?
Honestly, with today´s pace in technological development QR-codes will probably be replaced by some far more advanced and sophisticated technology.

Finally, the most important question - who'd win in a fight between a T. Rex and T. Rex sized scorpion?
The scorpion will probably win but we cheer for the T-Rex as long as it looks like Rex in Toy Story!

Good luck today! Check out Hyper Island on Twitter or Facebook to find out how the competition ends!

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