Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Interview: "eCommerce will be frictionless and as simple as possible."

We sat down with Jarno Vanhatapio, founder & creative director at and Richard Woodbridge, sales manager på and founder of to pick their brains on eCommerce. 

Who are you?
Jarno  - I am the founder of, today I work at the company as Creative Director. Before that I was actually working as a construction worker.  
Richard -  I am sales manager at and founder of I have a background within online gaming.  

What's up and coming in eCommerce at the moment?
Jarno - Mobile is the number 1 thing, it's here now and it's gaining ground. 
Richard - What we do with members, flash-sales. It's grown in US and Europe, and now it has reached the Nordics. Flash-sales is usually time-limited and volume-limited. A great offer, and a very reduced price. 

What is the one most important thing within entrepreneurship to you?
J - Stamina. To be able to do boring stuff, that needs to be done, and not only the fun stuff. 
R - Engagement and dedication, that is the single most important thing!

What single advice would you give to start ups within eCommerce today?
J - It's not what you think it is. Go in with an open mind. 
R - Think big. 

Predicting the future is always difficult - but if you would say one thing regarding the eCommerce industry in 5 years what would it be?
J - Frictionless, in every way. Payments and distribution will be as easy as possible. You will be able to make the purchase wherever and whenever.
R - The simplicity, everything will be very very easy. eCommerce will also take over more of the traditional retailing. 

Jarno & Richard are working with our eCommerce Business program in a module right now!

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