Friday, January 27, 2012

Digital Media Karlskrona has Come to an End

We're very sorry to inform that we will no longer offer Digital Media in Karlskrona. By fall 2012, Hyper Island's Digital Media Program will be offered exclusively in Stockholm.

Hyper Island's CEO, Johanna Frelin, comments below:

"This year, it was time to re-apply the Digital Media program in Karlskrona and we are very sorry to let you know that YH will not finance this program next year. YH makes the decisions based on regional factors and right now they are putting focus on other areas than digital media in the region of Blekinge. There is still a huge need around the world for the skillset that students acquire during at the Digital Media program. This means that YH is financing other programs and/or other regions in Sweden right now."

Questions, thoughts? We're available at @hyperisland and Facebook any time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Interview: "eCommerce will be frictionless and as simple as possible."

We sat down with Jarno Vanhatapio, founder & creative director at and Richard Woodbridge, sales manager på and founder of to pick their brains on eCommerce. 

Who are you?
Jarno  - I am the founder of, today I work at the company as Creative Director. Before that I was actually working as a construction worker.  
Richard -  I am sales manager at and founder of I have a background within online gaming.  

What's up and coming in eCommerce at the moment?
Jarno - Mobile is the number 1 thing, it's here now and it's gaining ground. 
Richard - What we do with members, flash-sales. It's grown in US and Europe, and now it has reached the Nordics. Flash-sales is usually time-limited and volume-limited. A great offer, and a very reduced price. 

What is the one most important thing within entrepreneurship to you?
J - Stamina. To be able to do boring stuff, that needs to be done, and not only the fun stuff. 
R - Engagement and dedication, that is the single most important thing!

What single advice would you give to start ups within eCommerce today?
J - It's not what you think it is. Go in with an open mind. 
R - Think big. 

Predicting the future is always difficult - but if you would say one thing regarding the eCommerce industry in 5 years what would it be?
J - Frictionless, in every way. Payments and distribution will be as easy as possible. You will be able to make the purchase wherever and whenever.
R - The simplicity, everything will be very very easy. eCommerce will also take over more of the traditional retailing. 

Jarno & Richard are working with our eCommerce Business program in a module right now!

Monday, January 16, 2012

"Focus On Mobile" Master Class in London

Hyper Island is proud to introduce an exclusive Mobile Master Class for those working in traditional media (e.g. TV, Radio, Film, and Production.)
The course is taking place in London on 26-28 March, 2012. During these intense three days, you will explore how Mobile is impacting creativity, communication, and the way digital audiences work today.
This Master Class is subsidized by the European Commission (MEDIA) which means that the cost of attending for the 3 days has been heavily reduced to €999 (this includes hotel, breakfast and lunch.)
Besides having a great learning experience, this is an excellent opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals from all over Europe and to exchange best practice ideas and learnings.

Limited availability. Learn more and register here.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Campaign Magazine Master Class Diary

Katherine Levy at Campaign Magazine (twitter) joined Hyper Island’s Tailor-made Boot Camp Master Class with LBi and wrote about the experience. Head over to our Master Class site to read about her experience (direct PDF link for the busy/lazy here)!