Thursday, December 1, 2011 - The Story Behind the Magic Tweet Beat Machine

What is TweetBeat?
TweetBeat is a magic machine that turns your tweets into musical beats. For the best experience, log-in to your Twitter account or alternatively you can search #hashtags and @usernames to listen to the unique music heartbeat of each single tweet. 

Why did you do it?
Tweets and social media check-in are fast becoming ingrained in our social behavior, ranking up there with traditional forms of produced content much as recording videos and pictures. We relive old memories by looking at old videos and photos but tweets however, due to their rapid half life  are often quickly drowned and forgotten in the clutter. 

TweetBeat’s aim is to let you experience tweets in more than mere word forms, giving them more of a reason to be remembered.

By searching through a database of keywords, TweetBeat analyzes the mood of each tweet and if it matches our lists, an unique beat will be assigned to the tweet. Try search for different mood keywords .e.g. "Happy", "Sad" , "Confused" & "Angry" etc.

What was the group’s key learning experience?
The culture today has moved from talking to doing and borrowing a leaf out of a start up model, our processes included a constant feedback loop internally and externally with the goal of rapidly building a working prototype within 4 weeks from concept to execution.

How has the response been so far?
It's been great, we did this because we just wanted to make something. There have been some buzz on Twitter since we launched. We received traffic from all over the world including many from agencies. It has been a fantastic learning experience and would like to thank all the support and feedback we have gotten along the way.

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