Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mikael Keussen - Mobile Application Graduate

Today our first class from the Mobile Applications Program graduates. We had a chat with Mikael Keussen, one of the students.

How are you doing today?
I'm feeling great! It's been a lot of fun during the last 3 days, meeting everyone again since we haven't seen each other during the internship. I feel really motivated about the future.
The first day we had presentations about our internships. It was very interesting, especially when you compare them from hyper island way week last year. The difference in the skills and how much we all developed. Yesterday we had reflection and wrap up, looking back on the whole time at Hyper Island. Today we had the ceremony with champagne, talking about all the fun from the last year.

Where did you do your internship?
So, I started at Storify, a start-up in San Francisco in May. Within 3-4 weeks I was working as a full time employee. In September I took a job offer from a company called Prismatic. At Prismatic I'm the only designer and I work with webb, iphone and ipad applications. Prismatic is a fun way to browse and share news with your friends.

What is your strongest memory from the last 60 weeks?
I think I have 3 really good memories.
- The first one was in the module "mobile business", focused on news and publishing for mobile - that's when I realized that I wanna focus on part of the industry! The two companies that I worked at so far are working within this area.
- Then presentations at the end, to see what my classmates has been up to during the internships.
- Lastly, It's my current job. I couldn't be more happy with the job and the position that I am at now.

How would you sum up your hyper island experience?
I would say that its been a great journey, I came here thinking I would be a visual designer, now visual design is just a small part of my job. All the people that I've met, my classmates. A lot of them are friends for life. Being in Karlskrona, you kinda get a 3 year education in one year and I think thats amazing!

What are you doing now that you are graduating?
Going back to San Francisco in a week, continue working with Prismatic and get ready to to launch the product we are building.

Congrats Mikael & Mobile Applications!

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