Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meet Crafted Buddies

Today we are featuring Crafted Buddies that is a company evolved out of a Hyper Island project.

Katarina Nilsson, Shumeng Ye, Josefin Bergman & Julia Schierbeck

Hi Crafted Buddies! Who are you?
Hi Hyper Island! Crafted Buddies is owned by us four girls, and we are producing ecological leather cases for iPhones, iPads and Laptops. Our goal is to create sustainable products that will represent an antipode to the fast fashion that is dominating today. The aim is to create products that will become a dear item for the consumer. Hopefully it will become as dear to you as a real buddy!

How has the response been so far?
We have gotten some really good response from the market. People seem to really appreciate the simplicity in our design and our sustainable values, which makes us really happy! We launched our webshop the 29th of November and had our first sale only 10 minutes after launch! 

And your cases are tweeting, what is this all about?
That is correct! Every model of our cases is having their own Twitter account. Since all our cases are handmade after the customer's order, we wanted them to be able to follow this process closer. If the customers leave their name on Twitter when they order on our site, they will receive a tweet from the product when it is entering a new step in the production and logistics process. Don’t think our products can get more social than this! It’s been fun to integrate and use social media in a new way, and the customers have found this very entertaining!

What is your next step?
Next step for us is trying to get awareness around Crafted Buddies on the market. We’ve just launched so we still have a lot of work to do in order of getting the brand known! But we are really looking forward to take on the challenge!

Visit Crafted Buddies to view their products, and find them on Facebook or Twitter!

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