Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hyper Island's 10k On Twitter

November 10 was a big day! We got our 10k friend @hyperisland's Twitter. Of course, we had to celebrate this with a cake - personally delivered to Armando Ceron by Jaclyn Ciamillo.

Tell us about yourself:
I'm an LA native that went to Art Center to pursue my interests in advertising. As a Sr.Integrated Art Director + Designer, I develop ideas for major brands into experiences that captivate and entertain audiences across multiple digital, social, and integrated platforms. I've worked with various ad agencies, production companies, and client side consulting. My client list includes brands like K-SWISS, Carl's Jr., HTC, Konami, 2K Sports, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Lincoln, and Warner Bros to name a few. 

What are you looking to accomplish with your work?
Everyday I strive to create ideas, not ads.

How did it feel to be Hyper Island's "10K" on Twitter?

I heard of Hyper Island when I was at Art Center. So naturally I followed them on Twitter. What do you know, I was the 10,000th follower. To my surprise I was contacted by Jaclyn who told me that I would receive a special gift from Hyper Island. She said she would travel to LA to personally deliver this special gift. I must admit, it was the most delicious Creme Brulee cake I've ever had. The bonus surprise was meeting Jaclyn in person, she's a gem. 

Thanks Hyper Island for the coolest gift a loyal fan could get. 

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