Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Most Hated" Service Experiences 2-Day Workshop

Hyper Island's Interactive Art Director class had a therapeutic two day workshop where they vented about their "most hated" service experiences: everything from Windows Vista to the voting system. Workshop leader Lauren Currie of Snook tasked students to re-imagine the flawed systems with a digital service design lens. She taught the IAD group to use Snook's toolkit, including emotional experience mapping, primary interview research, and storyboarding.

The two-day workshop wrapped up Wednesday with thirteen engaging group presentations. The audience laughed, they cried, they threw pieces of recycling through a basketball hoop. An overview of a few presentations is below. For more detail about the workshop process and service selections, check out Lauren's blog post here - It's awesome.

⁃ Finding housing can be a miserable experience. is a website designed to match tenants with landlords, almost like a dating site. Tenants can submit personal videos, desired neighborhoods, rent, and references. Landlords get an interactive dashboard with housing price information, contract creation tools, and rent tracking.

⁃ Trashket Ball makes Sweden's great recycling system better by incorporating game elements. Multiple levels of baskets exist at different locations, including the recycling center. Citizens literally throw recycling through a basketball hoop and compete to win prizes. This interactive experience makes recycling fun for the whole family, and gives everyone a reason to bag it up and schlep on over.

⁃ YourDash is the new SCAS. Hyper Island students rejoice! Download it to your desktop and choose the widgets that meet your needs. It's completely customizable. The simple, clean tool allows students to do innovative things, like "check in" to course hand outs, an alternative to handing out papers in class. Oh yeah, it's also available on mobile!

Written by Hyper Island's Learning Designer Amy Rae - get in touch by email or on Twitter.

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