Monday, November 7, 2011

Digital Media Students Builds Bridges Between Traditional Magazines & Digital

During the Final Project for Digital Media 2012, before going on internships, a group consisting of six students was asked to help Condé Nast to create new experiences for two of their leading magazines, GQ and Vogue. The students developed concepts that would bring the magazines into the future of using digital tools and social media. 

Vogue Enhanced
For Vogue the students created a concept to bridge the analog and digital reading experience of the magazine, without altering the existing magazine. Utilizing augmented reality and the wide spread of smart phones, the students wanted to add value and introduce new tools to a hard to reach target group. They created an augmented reality mobile application with connection to social networks, e-commerce and videos.

What's Your GQ IQ?
For GQ the students aimed to improve the magazine's status in social media with an online game that allows the user to measure their manliness against their GQ IQ. The user is faced with questions, challenges and scenarios which shapes the interactive story and makes the game highly personalized. The user also connects with Facebook to gather data which is used throughout the whole story.

The Team 

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