Monday, October 24, 2011

Oy Mexico iPad App

Oy Ahoy is a Scandinavian design and development studio, that makes cultural learning experiences for kids. All team members are graduates from Hyper Island. They just released their first app in a series of app’s to introduce kids to different countries and cultures. The App is called Oy Mexico and is inspired by the Mexican tradition Día De Los Muerto - the Halloween of central America.

Oy Mexico, illustrated by talented Wilmer Murillo, gives the kid a more positive picture of what happens to us after we pass away, and makes the subject much easier to talk with your kid about. Sounds, fun interactions, and great illustrations are the components Oy Ahoy uses to engage the kids and to inspire conversations between parents and their kids. Jump on board and travel to Mexico, Oy Ahoy!

It is yours for $1 here:

The team gives great thanks to everybody who has made this possible. Hyper Island, all the coworkers, and Module leaders.
And a special thanks to our outstanding collaborators.
Daniel Rosquist (Sprite Animations)
Joakim Keussen (Web & CSS)
Seth Benson (Motion graphic)
Prince Talhaoui  (X-code)
Mikkel Gomard (Sound Design & Music)
& Wilmer Murillo (Illustrator)

The Oy Ahoy Team!
Sandra Stadelmann (Mobile Applications) - @s_stadelmann
Fredrik Karlsson (Mobile Applications) - @fkarlsson86
Daniel Grönlund (Digital Media) - @SirGronlund
Mikkel Krøijer (Mobile Applications) - @mikkelkroijer

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Sandra said...

Oy Hyper! Thank you a lot, we really appreciate your support, hugs from team Oy Ahoy