Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hyper Island's Digital Media 2012 student Madeleine Matsson, aka Madm Fia (portfolio), has an exhibition in Stockholm at Urban Outfitters this Friday. Ana-Cecilia (portfolio) from the same class asked her a few questions.

Hi Madm Fia! First of all, who are you and what are you up to right now?

MadmFia is an artist, a female, a symbol of combinations of different worlds and perspectives. Madeleine Matsson is my given name, but I have always been called Fia by the Swedish side of my family, hence, MadmFia was born.  At the moment, I am getting ready for my exhibition on the 14th. Im also participating in a charity auction this Thursday at the Young Art gallery.

How are the plans going for your exhibition at Urban Outfitters this Friday?
There is a lot to be done. Picking up alcohol, sending out invitations, cleaning fingerprints off of the frames, finding a car.  And all the while I need to make sure that communication is clear between the manager of the store and me and everyone else involved.

What can we expect to see at the exhibition?
Drawings, paintings, prints and maybe an interactive piece...if I get it to work. It's an experiment. Oh and FREE DRINKS!

How did you use your experience/education at Hyper Island for your exhibition?
I could never have done all this work, preparation for the show, without my Hyper support and all that I have learned. Everyone around me has a different expertise so no matter who I speak with about the show, they will come up with new suggestions, recommendations, etc. things to think about.  All the sponsors I got were recommendations, where to print, the layout/design, help with copy.... Just having such knowledgable people around me, eager to help and give feedback is such a nice change from my art school background that can be a rather individualistic and competitive environment, in my experience.

What or who influences your art?
Life. Thats a rather cliché answer but the title of the show is Impressions. I am showing realistic pieces, those that are easy to understand, next to more expressive pieces that need more time to translate. People are like that. Our first impressions are always the most superficial: blond hair, etc. But once you get to know a person, things become more complicated; more abstract.

Other artists inspire me; going to galleries, exhibitions. Magasin 3 is one of my favorite galleries in Stockholm. The Reina Sofia in Madrid is probably my favorite museum of all. I love artists like Francis Bacon who can combine controlled skills and technique with chaos and movement.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Close to the beach with a pet llama and a huge studio in an old warehouse on the top floor with windows on the ceiling.

If you could travel to any place right now, where would you go?
Buenos Aires.

Lastly: broccoli or avocado ?

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Anonymous said...

Great to see Hyper Island students doing such interesting projects outside the advertising sphere too. Exciting, looking forward to the exhibition!