Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet Film Maker Gustav Asplund Who Worked On "Jägarna 2"

We had a chat with Digital Media student Gustav Asplund who just started his second year of the program. Gustav recently worked on the movie Jägarna 2, follow up to Swedish classic "Jägarna", which premiers today.

Hi! So tell us - who is Gustav Asplund?
Who knows? I'm a tall guy trying to have fun while making films, and collaborate with other happy people. Expressing myself through moving images has been a way to expose my inner emotions. I'm a dreamer, but focused when the shoot comes around.

How did your interest in films start?

At the age of 21 I was attending film school (De Anza College) in San Jose, California. We did everything within film-making: Scriptwriting, Directing, Cinematography, Editing etc. Then I moved to Los Angeles to grip UCLA shoots to learn the craft on a bigger scale. I have had room to make mistakes and it's important to grow with them. My specialization is directing.

What's the best moment for you, in making films?

To grow with people around me and create the feeling of being a family. These are the best times and I believe it's every ones responsibility to try to reach this point.

What was your responsibility in the production of "Jägarna 2"?

I worked with the editing legend, Thomas Täng. We choose to cut in the application Lightworks (editor's note: open source beta available for free) which is extremely rare in Sweden. I received the footage 3 days after the shoot. Then I synced it with the on set sound. The film wasn't shot in chronological order, so the separate shots I put in to the right scenes according to the script.

 The highlight of the job was to see Peter Stormare and Rolf Lassgård pull off a believable performance in every take.

What would be your dream project when it comes to films?

Create an environment where people would only go in their imagination. Imagination is the strongest force we have and a surreal fairytale would emphasize that. I am a huge fan of the scenery in “The City of Lost Children” or “Dark City”.

What are you working on right now?
1. Final project (Digital Media 2012) - A concept for a communication company.
2. Editing a very ambitious Hyper Island film me and my classmates shot before the summer. It's called, "Ovetande" ("Unknowing"), a 20 minute long thriller drama.
3. Preparing to camera operate a UCLA thesis film in Greece at the end of the month.
4. Looking into internships, they start in November.

Lastly - what are you wearing for the premiere of "Jägarna 2"?

A Chewbacca suit. 

Check out Gustav's work here and let him know if you want any tips on how to get your film production on! Oh, and Gustav is available for internship in November together with the Digital Media 2012 classes!

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