Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 Questions With Creativity Inspirer Fredrik Härén

Fredrik Härén is a renowned writer on business creativity. He recently spoke at Hyper Island during the "vision week". We asked him 5 quick questions.

Was there anything specific that inspired you to become an "expert" in sparking creativity? 

2 reasons:
1) I have always (as long as I have remembered) been interested in creativity
2) I was working with Internet from 1995-1999 and saw the power of creativity when it comes to develop new businesses, solutions and products

What is the most notable creative thing so far this year in your opinion?

Democratic moment in Arabic countries - "Arab Spring".

Creativity is perhaps something constantly desired, but are there also trends in creativity you've noticed concerning you work area and if so, which ones?

My last book - The Developing World - was about creativity in developing countries. My next book will be on global companies. I think those areas are of interest (obviously since i am writing books on it) :)

What inspires you the most and nurtures your creativity on a daily basis?

The reason I travel the world to do creativity speeches is that I get paid to travel to go to conferences in all kinds of industries to hear what they are working on at the moment (I did 140 speeches in 17 countries including Iran, Sri Lanka, Russia, India, China and USA last year)

Do you have any concrete tips for a quick creativity fix for our readers?

Surprise yourself!  It is amazing how creativity is triggered by being inspired so go and do something you have never done before and get inspired.

Thank you Fredrik! Of course, Fredrik's available on Twitter for any questions and/or random input.

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