Friday, September 23, 2011

Digital Media Students Working With Non Violence

A group of Digital Media students gathered under the agency name Birthday are working with Non-Violence for their final project. We asked them a few questions!

Who are you?

We are a group of students from Digital Media 2012 in Karlskrona working with the Non-Violence Project as our final project. A part of the final project was to choose group and brief in the class. We got our first choice when choosing before we  actually knew who the client was. We chose this brief because we wanted to work with something that makes a difference and could mean something to people. The brief was about reaching out to one billion people and to educate. The client wanted us to digitalize their education in order to reach more people and stay in tune with new technologies. 
After we had chosen our brief we got the client and the full brief and it really lived up to our expectations!

Tell us about the project?

We've decided to create One Billion voices. One billion voices is a global education platform where students and teachers educate each other in how they solve violence around them. The users will create a creative version of the problems they face, it could be a movie, a play or a piece of music. We want to inspire people to find new solutions to violence and use creativity as a weapon. One billion voices is a platform where the users stir the content in order to educate each other in culture and non-violence. The One billion voices platform is connected to Imagine One billion faces for peace, which is the world's largest call for peace initiated by The non violence project.  (It's in the production phase for the moment)

What was the biggest challenge during this project?

The challenges was to create something that could appeal to all cultures and differences around the world, and still make it digital. 
In the beginning the brief was quite big and blurry and we had a hard time capture it. This resulted in a few communication issues in our group, since we're all really good friends we might thought that we had come further in the group process. This stopped us from working dynamically. But we solved it though discussions and different communication models. 

What did you learn?

We tried to change our working environment and mix our work with having photo shoots, playing basket and baking cakes. We believe that this is extremely important in order to create a dynamic and functional group. It's also really important to talk about problems, motivation and expectations in order to keep everyone at the same level of motivation. 

What's happening next for you guys?

After this part of the final project we continue with the second part of the final project module at Hyper Island. In this part we have to choose our own clients or project. After that we're all going to different cities in the world for our seven month internship as a final part of the Digital Media program at Hyper Island. 

Check out the group's site over here & don't hesitate to ask them more about the project, or other things: Carl Nordell (Project Manager), Matilda Lindblom (Strategist/Co Project Manager), Christian Persson (Creative Developer), Fanny Nordmark (Designer), Maria Maleh (Blog Queen & Designer & Amanda Jönsson (Designer).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 Questions With Creativity Inspirer Fredrik Härén

Fredrik Härén is a renowned writer on business creativity. He recently spoke at Hyper Island during the "vision week". We asked him 5 quick questions.

Was there anything specific that inspired you to become an "expert" in sparking creativity? 

2 reasons:
1) I have always (as long as I have remembered) been interested in creativity
2) I was working with Internet from 1995-1999 and saw the power of creativity when it comes to develop new businesses, solutions and products

What is the most notable creative thing so far this year in your opinion?

Democratic moment in Arabic countries - "Arab Spring".

Creativity is perhaps something constantly desired, but are there also trends in creativity you've noticed concerning you work area and if so, which ones?

My last book - The Developing World - was about creativity in developing countries. My next book will be on global companies. I think those areas are of interest (obviously since i am writing books on it) :)

What inspires you the most and nurtures your creativity on a daily basis?

The reason I travel the world to do creativity speeches is that I get paid to travel to go to conferences in all kinds of industries to hear what they are working on at the moment (I did 140 speeches in 17 countries including Iran, Sri Lanka, Russia, India, China and USA last year)

Do you have any concrete tips for a quick creativity fix for our readers?

Surprise yourself!  It is amazing how creativity is triggered by being inspired so go and do something you have never done before and get inspired.

Thank you Fredrik! Of course, Fredrik's available on Twitter for any questions and/or random input.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet Film Maker Gustav Asplund Who Worked On "Jägarna 2"

We had a chat with Digital Media student Gustav Asplund who just started his second year of the program. Gustav recently worked on the movie Jägarna 2, follow up to Swedish classic "Jägarna", which premiers today.

Hi! So tell us - who is Gustav Asplund?
Who knows? I'm a tall guy trying to have fun while making films, and collaborate with other happy people. Expressing myself through moving images has been a way to expose my inner emotions. I'm a dreamer, but focused when the shoot comes around.

How did your interest in films start?

At the age of 21 I was attending film school (De Anza College) in San Jose, California. We did everything within film-making: Scriptwriting, Directing, Cinematography, Editing etc. Then I moved to Los Angeles to grip UCLA shoots to learn the craft on a bigger scale. I have had room to make mistakes and it's important to grow with them. My specialization is directing.

What's the best moment for you, in making films?

To grow with people around me and create the feeling of being a family. These are the best times and I believe it's every ones responsibility to try to reach this point.

What was your responsibility in the production of "Jägarna 2"?

I worked with the editing legend, Thomas Täng. We choose to cut in the application Lightworks (editor's note: open source beta available for free) which is extremely rare in Sweden. I received the footage 3 days after the shoot. Then I synced it with the on set sound. The film wasn't shot in chronological order, so the separate shots I put in to the right scenes according to the script.

 The highlight of the job was to see Peter Stormare and Rolf Lassgård pull off a believable performance in every take.

What would be your dream project when it comes to films?

Create an environment where people would only go in their imagination. Imagination is the strongest force we have and a surreal fairytale would emphasize that. I am a huge fan of the scenery in “The City of Lost Children” or “Dark City”.

What are you working on right now?
1. Final project (Digital Media 2012) - A concept for a communication company.
2. Editing a very ambitious Hyper Island film me and my classmates shot before the summer. It's called, "Ovetande" ("Unknowing"), a 20 minute long thriller drama.
3. Preparing to camera operate a UCLA thesis film in Greece at the end of the month.
4. Looking into internships, they start in November.

Lastly - what are you wearing for the premiere of "Jägarna 2"?

A Chewbacca suit. 

Check out Gustav's work here and let him know if you want any tips on how to get your film production on! Oh, and Gustav is available for internship in November together with the Digital Media 2012 classes!