Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interview With the Intern Store Crew

The most recent project of the Mobile Application Students, Intern Store, has made its way to the headlines of the industry. It didn't take more than two weeks for the Interns to settle their internships by making it as easy to get an intern as getting an app.

The Intern Store has been shortlisted on the FWA (show them love & go vote!) and we asked the Mobile Applications students behind this project a few questions.

How did you assure quality throughout the project?

I believe that our success is based on the engagement and motivation within the team, as we all felt passionate about the idea throughout the whole project. Another key to success is to work with programmers that know about design.

Why a pastiche of App Store?

We consider iOS to be the platform of our near future. App Store is something we all can relate to and we wanted to establish a strong association in the industry with our key competences. As we are the world's first mobile graduates, we got the chance to create a unique and relevant concept that would help us to settle our internships.

Did you have a plan for the success?

Although we never thought that the campaign would spread that fast by itself, we could see an immediate response as soon as we released the first parts of the Intern Store. We understood that we would need to keep the buzz going, which was done by the different movies. We also put a lot of work in the pre-launch and managed to create an interest in Intern Store even before the official launch.

Thanks for the interview and good luck with the internships!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

9 Things Learnt at Hyper Island

Inclusion, no egos and reflection. That's three out of 9 things (at least) that Di Gates (@digates) learnt when partaking in a concept design seminar for Hyper Island's eCommerce Manager program.

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