Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An interview for all eCommerce heads out there! We had a chat with Martin Edenström - founder of as well as the head of CMS news of IDG's InternetWorld. Martin has 12 years of experience working with e-commerce, Web Content Management Systems (WCM), Content Management Systems (CMS) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and is a very well known CMS/enterprise web expert and advisor in Sweden. Martin also does key notes as well as consultations for large CMS evaluations for, and Tele2 among others.

What about e-commerce excites you?

Not so much buzz words such as "social shopping" and m-commerce compared to well written and designed optimized check out-flows, social media user management solutions and few steps mobile payment solutions.

How is the temperature in the e-commerce business nowadays?

Extremely high. I primary work with the surrounding and integrated Content Management Systems, but e-commerce has since 2010 become a necessity to be able to continue conversations with large clients.

What trends are you currently seeing within the e-commerce industry?

The buzz words, "social shopping" and "m-commerce". But also the inevitable discussions about amount of, and frequency of, KPI:s / analytics.

Do you think e-commerce is good choice for a future profession?

Most definitely. No doubt about it. Just browse the recruitment ads in the finance journals.

How can Swedish expertise take e-commerce into the next level?
We are. We already represent with innovative Swedish companies such as Avail and Microsoft Commerce experts Avesia.

What's your favorite online business?

Check out VistaPrints persuasive and personalized shopping methods. Quite impressive supportive commerce! And they've practiced and refined it for years by now.

What is required by a person who wants to succeed in e-commerce?

It's a young trade. Learning by doing, know your clients, know your opponents and keep up with the everchanging multiple web- and mobile channels.

What's the most innovative eCommerce solution?

Not on Facebook, but yet to be created.

Thanks Martin! What do you think about the future of eCommerce? Leave your input in the comments section or tweet @hyperisland. And of course, don't forget to apply to Hyper Island as today is the last application date for programs starting fall 2011!

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