Friday, April 1, 2011

Hyper Island Kindergarten Opens Next Year (April Fools 2011)

April Fools: We got great response and many actually thought it seemed like a great idea. Maybe it'll be reality one day!

Read the press release.

The Hyper Island Kindergarten will aim to prepare children from the age of 5 for the later challenges of elementary school and beyond.

The strong focus on collaboration, group-dynamics and learning-by-doing is the core of Hyper Island’s methodology and the kindergarten will follow this tradition. The Hyper Island Kindergarten will have a strong emphasis on the learning-by-failing aspect of Hyper Island’s methodology as research has proven it to be at the core of children’s personal development.

The kindergarten will open next year, when Hyper Island is also planning to open a high school. The location and more information will follow as it develops. Stay tuned!

A reminder: Today is the last application date for International applicants. Nordic applicants have two more weeks until April 15.

Apply on our programs site. Good luck!

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