Thursday, March 31, 2011

Record High Unemployment According to Nesta

'Unemployment is at a record high for 18to 24-year-olds. The creative industry thrives on the basis of diversity - not just ethnically, but in thinking and background, so finding alternative routes is terrifically important.'
-Jon Kingsbury, director of the creative economy programme at Nesta.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baristas Get Much More Training Than Agency People

Adweek recently posted an article called "Talent Contest - Why the average coffee server gets more training than most agency staffers". The ad industry was given a failing grade in Arnold's new report on talent management. The amount invested in training for employees by the ad industry is really low compared to other talent driven companies such as Google, McKinsey and Procter & Gamble that was used for benchmarking in the study. The fact that almost a third of the 3000 people surveyed plan to leave their agencies in 12 months is seen as a product of the lack of training received.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Perfect Fools' CEO Patrick Gardner on Digital/Interactive Media

A short Friday interview! Perfect Fool's CEO Patrick Gardner talked about "Working With Clients" at a lecture for our Digital Media students and we asked a few questions.

Can you, in short, tell us about your lecture today?

My talk covered the agency/client relationship from the perspective of someone who has been managing them for 16 years now, and seen many of the possible outcomes (good, bad and even some ugly). We went through overall themes and issues, and then looked at client relationships from a production process perspective.

Is there anything specific about the client journey when it comes to digital and interactive media that you have to consider?

Digital communication is evolving more and more in the direction of software application development - a lot more complex than it was even 4-5 years ago, when most of what we built was in Flash. But the world of brand communication is not yet culturally equipped to meet this increasing complexity, in fact it hasn't really even recognized that this process is underway.

Traditional advertising agencies have emerged from a world in which two talented people could create a successful print ad in an afternoon, if they needed to. And they're still trying to commission highly advanced Facebook or mobile applications on nearly the same basis, without adequate planning or process. Our challenge is to educate clients and at the same time continually evolve more robust development processes to be able to guarantee successful delivery in the face of many, many risks. It's a rapidly changing picture and an interesting challenge that Hyper students are going to land right in the middle of when they get on the job.

Do you think there any particular features that make interactive/digital campaigns successful?

The best digital work engages instead of interrups - by offering some kind of value: useful information, entertainment, unique relationships, 10% off, or something else of interest to the audience.

It also offers mechanisms for listening to the audience and iterating based on their feedback and cooperation. The key divide between traditional and digital is not the technical difference of atoms versus bits. It's the difference between one-way and multiway communication. In digital environments, we don't just talk, we also have the ability to listen :)

Any tips on successful interactive campaigns to check out right now?

One fun one we've had out recently is Skittles Update the Rainbow (produced by Perfect Fools for TBWA London. This is the kind of work we love: connecting people in interesting ways that are both creative and highly technical, even if it might not seem very techy on the surface.

Lot of love to Patrick & Perfect Fools from Hyper Island!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Double Rainbow Hunting for Internships in Ingenious Ways

Creative team Double Rainbow, consisting of Klara Lindberg & Victor Roa, made a super clever campaign utilizing Facebook Ads in their search for an internship.

By using certain keywords with the ads they were seen by relevant persons when they logged in to the site - making a rarely seen personal targeted ad experience on Facebook. Great work!

Check out their campaign page and who knows - maybe they're still available for an internship?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Student Case:

We sat down with Stephanie and Raiha from Hyper Island's eCommerce Program and talked about their project

Hi! Please introduce yourself briefly to our readers.

We are Stephanie Rydle and Raiha Buchanan, founders of and students of Hyper Island eCommerce Manager 2011 program. Our story starts with Hyper Island, where we first met and the place where we more actively came to express our passion for entrepreneurship, eCommerce and Scandinavian design.

What are you up to right now?

At the moment we are completing our internships, Stephanie is spending her time between Stockholm and New York, and Raiha is spending her time between London and Stockholm. We are also starting up two more eCommerce projects and this time together with our classmate Emil Sonesson, so you could say our timetable is pretty hectic at the moment. Although we have a lot of projects on right now, is our little baby, and no doubt we will look upon the experience fondly, once we are seasoned entrepreneurs.

Tell us about the project and how it came about?

It was fortunate that the eCommerce program encouraged us to explore the possibility to develop and lead our own business. We both had a keen interest in entrepreneurship, and felt that Hyper Island was a safe, and encouraging environment to explore this. We both took this opportunity to explore our passion for handmade products, and Swedish design and to build some kind of eCommerce solution around this. During our research, we could see that high end Scandinavian design was effectively marketed abroad, however the more local homegrown designers were not given the same opportunity. With we feel that we are now able to effectively promote these more local designers.

Although we are constantly learning with, the greatest learning curve happened during the first 3 weeks. Neither of us had any experience with design or development, so there were many long nights learning the basics of both of these disciplines. Alongside developing a business model which we felt was scalable and realistic, securing designers who we felt shared the same values, payment systems, and organizing logistics it was a very hectic period. But after this time, we are proud to say we had our website up in beta. Although it can be agreed it was not the most handsome website, it was valuable to get a lot of feedback from the community, and to learn and build on this.

We are now quite happy with the design of the website, although feel that there are still many improvements to be made. But if you are to keep it in context, that the whole website, was built by two girls with next to no experience, and is making decent sales, it can still be quite impressive.

We have now come to another cross roads with in our journey. Instead of building a website, it is more finding the time to juggle all of our projects alongside our internship. It has meant that we have had to scale back some of our plans, but we feel long term that can be a successful springboard to bring local Swedish designers to the attention of the international market. is commonly hailed as one of the most successful eCommerce stories. Were they an inspiration?

We would not say that was an inspiration for, although we can agree that their outstanding customer service is legendary and something to aspire to.

What do you think the future of eCommerce holds, say in 2012 and 2013?

Trends for 2012-13? Moving more towards personalization, subscription solutions and eCommerce becoming more adaptive and sustainable in 3rd party environments.

Final question - any tips for people interested in the art of eCommerce?

Tips for people interested in eCommerce? As Yoda says, “Do, or do not... there is no try.”

Thanks you and good luck Stephanie and Raiha!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Applications Open to Hyper Island's UK Pilot

Hyper Island is coming to Manchester! The new pilot program "Interactive Media Design & Management", based in Manchester, is now open for applications. Go to our programs site for all the info!