Friday, November 12, 2010

Reflections From CAT

Hyper Island students Elin Aram and Annica Strand hosted a workshop at CAT during Internet Week Europe in London. We asked them to talk a bit about the experience.

"It all came to be when the marketing director of Hyper Island asked if we wanted to do a workshop at CaT, similar to a workshop we did earlier this fall for guests at Hyper Island. Annica was the one who got the brilliant idea of the "awesome workshop -combining awesome stuff to get a new awesome idea.", pitched it and made me really excited about it. Then we spent some time thinking of how to make it into a working process."

Our main goal was to make people reflect about how they could work differently and more creatively back at their offices. We had a great attendance at the workshop, we even had to turn people down due to lack of space and people came up to us after the lecture and told us they had a really great time. It felt truly great and we had a lot of fun!

The focus question for the workshop was "What could be the next talk of the town on CaT 2015". There was some very interesting ideas and lectures this year and most of them points to the main trend in five years of time will be the user experience, how we touch and move things and devices and how they can feel "magical"."

Thanks for a great workshop guys!

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