Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hyper Island In Fast Company

Hyper Island is mentioned as an important part of the future of advertising in Danielle Sacks' Fast Company article. The URL gives away the code name Mayhem on Madison Avenue which is a great summary of the article as people in the industry are petrified over the digital development. In the article we can read comments from several attendees of Hyper Island's Master Class and their eye opening, or perhaps even epiphanic, experiences and how Hyper Island helped them tackle the digital arena and the future of advertising.

The article is a part of an initiative by Fast Company to explore the future of advertising and we are very curious to see what you think about it. Drop a comment here and tweet away with the hashtags #adfuture and #hyperisland or #himc if it's about us too!

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polish_experiment said...

Another thing to brag about and very interesting discussion grew around that article. I'm proud of being part of Hyper Island