Friday, September 17, 2010

"Every industry will have a digital branch to it"

Yesterday, the new students at Hyper Island participated in a panel debate with invited people from the industry.
Topic for the debate?
- The future of the digital industries - upcoming trends and tendencies.

The Hyper Island blog had the chance to ask two of the panel members where they think the digital industry will be in five years!

Sophie H. Kleber, Experience Lead, HUGE:
– Will there be a digital industry? Every industry will have a digital branch to it, which means that everything will be touched by and co-exist in the digital space. "Digital" people will need to become generalists who know of technology, devices, trends and industrial behaviors, and industry-specific people will need to grow the "digital experts of their field".

Per Jaldeberg, Planning Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm.
– The digital industry will evolve to a post digital industry with activation and participation as mantras. Post digital agencies involve people around an idea rather than sending messages to them. These post digital agencies will not only spring from digital agencies of today, but from so called traditional agencies as well.

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