Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Internet Week Europe 2010 invites you!

Internet Week Europe 2010- do you want to participate?
Great because now everyone is welcome!

Internet Week 2010 will be held in London and is the place where leaders come together and discuss the thriving Internet industry & technology community in Europe.

This year, Internet Week Europe, invites everyone from the biggest companies to grassroots organisations to join or maybe manage your own event?

Hyper Island is being represented by CEO Mattias Hansson, who is part of the Internet Week Europe 2010 executive council.
Read more and add you event here


Sarp* said...

How can we participate? The website directs us only to host our own events but not as a participant.


olivia@internetweekeu said...

A schedule will be going up on our website in early October, it will show how to get tickets and participate, please follow us on twitter @internetweekeu for latest developments.

Muhamad Mulki said...

Thanks :D
Paket Internet