Thursday, September 30, 2010

6x10 project

Meet the Digital Media 11 students, Andreas Kleiner and Daniel Dominguez. They are a creative team who is now looking for an internship somewhere around the world.

The guys decided to start a creative team after working on different projects together.

– We're both very interested in storytelling and the human interaction of things, and think we really benefit for having different backgrounds and upbringing, say Daniel who found Hyper Island thru a friend.

To promote themselves they created the 6x10 project.
– Its basically 6 projects done in 10 days each. Concept, strategy and design all executed in a case study at the end of those ten days. We choose 4 clients randomly through experiments and then just went with it. So far we been doing 2/6 projects and just started on our third.

– I guess we want to come to a place that likes to push boundaries, likes to work with real human-interaction campaigns and has a good work environment where we can excel but importantly can learn from our mistakes.

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Wal said...

gogogo! these guys rock!