Thursday, September 30, 2010

6x10 project

Meet the Digital Media 11 students, Andreas Kleiner and Daniel Dominguez. They are a creative team who is now looking for an internship somewhere around the world.

The guys decided to start a creative team after working on different projects together.

– We're both very interested in storytelling and the human interaction of things, and think we really benefit for having different backgrounds and upbringing, say Daniel who found Hyper Island thru a friend.

To promote themselves they created the 6x10 project.
– Its basically 6 projects done in 10 days each. Concept, strategy and design all executed in a case study at the end of those ten days. We choose 4 clients randomly through experiments and then just went with it. So far we been doing 2/6 projects and just started on our third.

– I guess we want to come to a place that likes to push boundaries, likes to work with real human-interaction campaigns and has a good work environment where we can excel but importantly can learn from our mistakes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

BBQ in our NYC offices


To celebrate the launch of The Hyper Island Playground, a series of interactive gatherings designed to bring handpicked creative minds and geniuses together, we will have a big BBQ in our NYC office on Wednesday night.

September 29, 2010

Hyper Island
74 Orchard Street
New York, NY

Limited space, RSVP required:

The Hyper Island Team

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Internet Week Europe 2010 invites you!

Internet Week Europe 2010- do you want to participate?
Great because now everyone is welcome!

Internet Week 2010 will be held in London and is the place where leaders come together and discuss the thriving Internet industry & technology community in Europe.

This year, Internet Week Europe, invites everyone from the biggest companies to grassroots organisations to join or maybe manage your own event?

Hyper Island is being represented by CEO Mattias Hansson, who is part of the Internet Week Europe 2010 executive council.
Read more and add you event here

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hyper Island – a possible hero of knowledge

Jag är finalist; width=

Hyper Island is a finalist for the Knowledge Awards 2010, the biggest award of knowledge in Sweden.

- To be acknowledged with a nomination after 15 years of hard work is amazingly honoring. Everyone at Hyper Island is devoted our method of learning and to spread the Hyper island way around the world. And the results are undeniable, says Mattias Hansson, CEO at Hyper Island.

Revolutionary and unique
Initially there were 400 companies nominated to the Knowledge Award 2010. Hyper Island have been selected as one out of three finalists in category “trade and industry” because of the revolutionary and unique way we educate students who instantly become attractive for employers all around the world.

Creative communicators
The Knowledge Award is intended to make creative communicators of knowledge into Swedish heroes of knowledge.
The winner is “a good role model, venturing to think in new ways and thus contribute to advancing the level of knowledge in Sweden”.

The winners of the Knowledge Award 2010 will receive 250,000 SEK each at a banquet in Stockholm Town hall. H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria presents the prize.

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Every industry will have a digital branch to it"

Yesterday, the new students at Hyper Island participated in a panel debate with invited people from the industry.
Topic for the debate?
- The future of the digital industries - upcoming trends and tendencies.

The Hyper Island blog had the chance to ask two of the panel members where they think the digital industry will be in five years!

Sophie H. Kleber, Experience Lead, HUGE:
– Will there be a digital industry? Every industry will have a digital branch to it, which means that everything will be touched by and co-exist in the digital space. "Digital" people will need to become generalists who know of technology, devices, trends and industrial behaviors, and industry-specific people will need to grow the "digital experts of their field".

Per Jaldeberg, Planning Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm.
– The digital industry will evolve to a post digital industry with activation and participation as mantras. Post digital agencies involve people around an idea rather than sending messages to them. These post digital agencies will not only spring from digital agencies of today, but from so called traditional agencies as well.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Technology gets a life"

Photographer: Abby Morgan

She Says recently hosted a meeting at Hyper Islands NYC office. Kati London, Vice President and Senior Producer for Area/Code discussed, together with Lauren Puglia, Strategy Director at Undercurrent, how physical and digital worlds intertwines.

See all the pictures here

Friday, September 3, 2010

"It's pretty much like the first time I learned how to swim"

Sarper Erel just started the Mobile Applications Program. Tell us a little bit what it feels like to be a student at Hyper Island!

– It is simply great. Maybe I should tell how we are doing things here. It's pretty much like the first time I learned how to swim. My dad had basically left me in water. First it was scary and seem impossible to succeed but eventually it didn't take a lot of time for me to keep myself above water. I think this is pretty much what Hyper Island does to us. The difference is they bring Michael Phelps (speakers/lecturers) into the pool to inspire from!

Why did you choose the Mobile Applications Program?

– I've heard of Hyper Island 4 years ago. My intention has always been to apply Digital Media but just at the point that a rocket called "mobile industry" take of, Hyper Island initiated the Mobile Applications Program. And I said, "This is it! I am applying right now."

What has been the best with Hyper Island so far?

– Definitely the people here! I still can't believe how easy for people here to communicate, understand and work with each other. Nothing like I have ever experienced before. I think this is what makes Hyper Island very special.