Saturday, August 7, 2010

How's your summer: Linnéa Becker

How did you spend your summer?

"I've spent most of the summer in New York so far, actually doing some work for Hyper Island! I've been helping them with organizing and planning before and during two Master Classes in July.
It has been very interesting to see Hyper Island in another context. I've also spent a couple of days in Montauk, 3 hours north of NY, a lovely place with a lot of sea food and nice beaches. Going back to Sweden now to hopefully get some lazy days in the archipelago with a DN in one hand and a glas of mellanmljök in the other."

What are you most looking forward to when coming back to Hyper Island?

"I'm looking forward to meet everyone again and to get started with Final Project! I'm really looking forward to start creating something together with a team again."

Foresquare vs Gowalla, what is your take on that?

"I find the services quite uninteresting as they are but using their API for other services can definitly make them more valuable..".

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