Monday, August 2, 2010

How's your summer Alexander Gårdenberg

Alexander is a Digital Media student in Karlskrona.

How have you spent your summer.
" I've spent two weeks in Thailand, in a large house (800 square meters) with a private chauffeur and four chefs, so that was pretty sweet. It is great to visit Thailand this time of year, even though it rains a a lot. I've also spent a week on Gotland and most importantly I haven't been working at all!"

What are you most looking forward to, when returning to Hyper Island in a couple of weeks?
" Meeting the new students. A few of my friends will be starting on the new programs in Karlskrona, but also to really make the most of the last months before our internship period starts."

Final question, Fouresquare vs Gowalla has been a hot topic this summer. What do you think?
"Foursquare, definitely. The brand is stronger and feels more reliable."

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