Friday, August 27, 2010

Idea generation week at Hyper Island!

It´s Idea generation week at Hyper Island. This is where all new students get mixed up in groups and experience new ways of thinking.

"The Idea generation week has been fun, challenging and energizing! I think I've had about a billion ideas during these past 3 days; it's really amazing to see what can come out of your head when you're running around, discussing with others or making funny noises in a Hyper Island Orchestra! It was great to finally be given a brief to work on and mixing all the classes together was very exciting as you get a whole bunch of inspiration from the other students! Shame it was only 3 days...."

- Sophie Simmons, eCommerce Manager 11

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New term, new projects.

The Digital Media 11 classes in Stockholm and Karlskrona are planning their final projects before leaving on an over 30 week internship period. These are a couple of the project groups to keep an eye out for.


Monday, August 16, 2010

The Hyper Island Way Week starts today.

All of Hyper Island’s programs start off with a team-bulding course. The overall objective of the course is for the participants to become more efficient as group members and as leaders.
We believe that learning takes place when you are exposed to different situations and they way in that you handle the specific task that has been put before you. Reflection, group dynamics and understanding your own role are the keys to this process.

During the first weeks at Hyper Island, students focus on:
– Strengthening your knowledge about themselves,
– Understanding how a group develops,
– Personal development, as an individual and as a team member.

This will lay the foundation for all upcoming work at Hyper Island, where students, almost exclusively, will work in groups, giving a lot of attention to the group process but also to their own personal development.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome to Hyper Island!

To all of our new students from 19 different countries around the world: A warm welcome to Hyper Island! Prepare for a fun, frustrating and life changing educational journey where you start out as creative talent, and end up as the future of the industry.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

How's your summer: Linnéa Becker

How did you spend your summer?

"I've spent most of the summer in New York so far, actually doing some work for Hyper Island! I've been helping them with organizing and planning before and during two Master Classes in July.
It has been very interesting to see Hyper Island in another context. I've also spent a couple of days in Montauk, 3 hours north of NY, a lovely place with a lot of sea food and nice beaches. Going back to Sweden now to hopefully get some lazy days in the archipelago with a DN in one hand and a glas of mellanmljök in the other."

What are you most looking forward to when coming back to Hyper Island?

"I'm looking forward to meet everyone again and to get started with Final Project! I'm really looking forward to start creating something together with a team again."

Foresquare vs Gowalla, what is your take on that?

"I find the services quite uninteresting as they are but using their API for other services can definitly make them more valuable..".

Monday, August 2, 2010

How's your summer Alexander Gårdenberg

Alexander is a Digital Media student in Karlskrona.

How have you spent your summer.
" I've spent two weeks in Thailand, in a large house (800 square meters) with a private chauffeur and four chefs, so that was pretty sweet. It is great to visit Thailand this time of year, even though it rains a a lot. I've also spent a week on Gotland and most importantly I haven't been working at all!"

What are you most looking forward to, when returning to Hyper Island in a couple of weeks?
" Meeting the new students. A few of my friends will be starting on the new programs in Karlskrona, but also to really make the most of the last months before our internship period starts."

Final question, Fouresquare vs Gowalla has been a hot topic this summer. What do you think?
"Foursquare, definitely. The brand is stronger and feels more reliable."