Friday, May 7, 2010

The future is in Motion

The Motion Graphics Design field as an art form has developed enormously recent years. Due to digital and interactive development the styles have been become more elaborate, more refined, and more complex. On another note, 12 minutes of every hour that is broadcasted on television is actually made up by motion graphics. In other words, there is a great demand for skilled and innovative motion graphic designers and developers out there. That is why we are constantly are keeping our eye on the industry's needs when we continue to develop our motion graphics program, bringing in top expertise to guide and feedback on our students work.

This one-year program takes you on a unique Hyper Island educational experience that touches on Flash animation, editing, 3D and compositing as well as web authoring and brand development and much more.
Your final 14 weeks will be spent on an internship, probably at one of 600 companies in Hyper Island’s global network and when you graduate you will be able to create innovative digital solutions including creating ideas, concepts, design, functions and technologies for future platforms at any top agency in the world. It is up to you!

Motion work by Hyper Island students.

Some inspiration:

Creamyorange 2008 Creative Reel from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.

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