Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crazy demand for apps

Hyper Island is starting a Mobile Applications Program, Fall 2010. To get the latest gossip on what is happening in the apps business we spoke to Hyper Island student Christopher Robin Eklund, who is just finishing up his internship at apegroup,

What is your take on the mobile applications market, how fast is it growing?

“Like absolute crazy - and I really mean it! Pretty much every company has plans - one way or another - to build a mobile application.”

What is the most challenging part of building/ designing an app?

"The cool part of working with apps is to design with extreme 'user-friendliness'. What you want to do is to design and build an app that by just opening it, you understand how it works. No thinking no messing around, no instructions should be needed. You should just feel how it works."

What is your role when producing an app?

"I'm responsible for developing inhouse applications."

What will you do when you graduate from Hyper Island?

"On the Monday after my graduation, I'm starting a new job, as creative director at apegroup"

There is still time for you to apply to for our new programs eCommerce Manager and Mobile Applications. Both programs are customized to meet the market's growing need for this kind of talent, and both have a strong entrepreneurial focus.

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