Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Growing out of their clothes

During the ”Marketing & Promotion” module at Hyper Island the Digital Media class got given a mission, to promote the school, the class and the individuals in it. The Digital Media 11 class in Karlskrona came up with the following idea for a sponsoring campaign:

"After hours of idea developing, planning, sewing and having fun the T-Shirt sponsor campaign ”Help Us Grow” saw the light of day. The T-shirt symbolizes us, 36 students, and how we are growing out of our clothes. The seams are bursting as we are taking place in the industry!
We wrapped the small t-shirt in nice paper, packaged it in a black paper bag and sent it to companies, magazines and bloggers world wide", says Digital Media student Ida Ragnarsson.

Read more about the project here

Ida Ragnarsson was also interviewed in Swedish trade magazine Resumé. Read the article here

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