Friday, February 26, 2010

Work shadowing pt 2 - a letter from Veronica

Daniel Dominguez and I were more then ready to see what R/GA had to offer. We went to one of their buildings (R/GA has three) on 350 W. 39th ST between 8th and 9th Avenues to meet Axel Lindgren and Rasmus Keger.

Axel and Rasmus are working as a Creative Team at R/GA. We came in right after a big project being finished, so Rasmus and Axel didn’t have the week all figured at right away. This worked out really well, and instead of trying to shadow someone else for a day, we got the chance to ask all kinds of questions about school, work, projects, and more. We also walked around the office and got introduced to people.

Before lunch the same day Axel and Rasmus got the news that they would be presented to a new brief around 4pm and at the same time they got more to do on their current project. So all of a sudden there was tons of stuff to do. Very cool to see this change and to realize how important it is to be flexible.

We didn’t know if we could sit in on the meeting but the Creative Director for the project asked for us. So exciting. We got the brief, looked at the deck and felt really happy about it. This was a great start of what to become an amazing week.

During this week Daniel and I worked as a Creative Team and it was great to do so together with a “real” team. We asked a lot of questions on how they handle conflicts and how they prepare when given a new project. With this information we worked on two projects, on two different accounts.

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