Thursday, February 4, 2010

Azin and Hanna are of to Goodby


Interactive Art Director students Azin Ashourvan and Hanna Wittmark have been hand-picked by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for a job at the famous agency after presenting a sucessful case brief in a module that was lead by creatives from Goodby.

The job, which is a four month internship starts at the end of march. Hanna and Azin's Baby Talk is a brief for a product that should be able to generate a revenu at stimulate the five senses at the same time. Watch the brief here

Read the interview in the Swedish trade magazine Resumé here (in Swedish)


Anonymous said...

Att få en praktik/projektanställning är inte att få ett jobb. Stor skillnad. Kände mig glad när jag såg artikeln i Resumé men nu känner jag mig bara lurad. Oh well, Rubrik-sensationernas tid.

Anonymous said...

Annars är det ju alltid bra att läsa hela artiklar. Oh well, vad vet jag om att läsa?