Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Andreas' Internship

The Digital Media students are doing their internship all across the world. Andreas Johansson, who graduates this summer left Karlskrona in August for Boulder, Colorado and an internship within Interactive Production at Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

During the autumn he worked as Interactive Coordinator for Volkswagen, Amex, Guitar Hero and Brammo as well as a position as Junior Producer dedicated to the Volkswagen account.

”My Hyper Island education helped me a lot in terms of being a self managing leader, a problem solver and never turning myself into a victim but actually asking myself how I could have handled certain situations better and trying to understand the different behaviors of my colleagues. In some ways CP+B is exactly like Hyper Island. You make your own decisions and decide how much you want to commit to the company. My five months at CP+B, Boulder, could easily have turned into a "surfing the web"-"drinking coffee"-"chatting" experience but I decided to squeeze out every second of my time there, which I did.”

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