Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Portfolio Pep-talk

Joy-Ann Bouwmans and Jasper Mittelmeijer from Amsterdam Worldwide came to Hyper Island in Stockholm and Karlskrona in December.

What were you here to talk about? And what kind of questions did the students have for you?

We came to Hyper Island to talk to the students about their portfolios. Right now the Digital Media students are at the start of their portfolio module and you can imagine there are a lot of questions when it comes to creating one. So we were here to answer all of these and help them on their way. We also talked to the Interactive Art Directors in Stockholm who all come from different backgrounds. The questions from the students ranged from what work to put in and what to leave out to how personal you can get in a portfolio. It has been 3 inspiring days talking to all of the Hyper Island students and we hope to have inspired some of them.

What is your take on the Hyper Island students? Are they the future of the digital media industry?

Jasper: Haha! That doesn't sound like you would take no for an answer. And I think it's exactly that level of ambition and love for the work that will get Hyper Island students pretty much anywhere they'd want to go. With the creative and social skills they develop in here, I'd say Hyper Island students will be a great addition to any agency or studio. I was well impressed. Thanks for that!

Joy: As an old student it’s great to see the students are all still very eager to learn and very driven, focused. The best thing about Hyper Island is its ‘learning by doing’ approach which prepares the students to adapt quickly to new situations. I think this is a very useful skill within the ever-changing environment of, what we call today, digital media. Who knows what digital media develops into in the future, but Hyper Island students will be fully prepared to adjust themselves to and take on any situation. Thank you for having us and hope to see you in the near future!

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