Monday, January 18, 2010

Island2island interview

The Experience Technology exhibition is coming to London. Digital Media students
Nina Amjadi and Andreas Kleiner were asked three questions about the event:

What was the experience technology module all about?

Experience Technology (ET) is a five week module during the two year Digital Media programme at Hyper Island.ET introduces all students to digital technology and the principles of digital development. It is one of the first modules of the programme and the students are establishing their common skill set. It is a playful type of project with a strong focus on exploration and creativity within a team environment.

and now you are going to London..

Our idea was to combine Experience Technology with an event where students can meet the industry and network. The core idea is to inspire and be inspired, but also to have fun!

What are you expectations on the LDN event?

Andreas: My expectations is to have a great event where us students and the industry will have a good time, exchance ideas and inspire eachother.
Nina: I think as a Project Manager you always aim very high and get your expectations up, but I too as Andreas also mainly see to it as a great chance for us students to meet the industry to talk, network and get to know each other. I hope that our installations will be to the guests in London just as exciting as it was for the visitors we had in Stockholm in October.
Come to London if you are there!

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