Thursday, January 28, 2010

Before & After

During Novemer Markus Lundkvist from Redrum/ Chimney Pot and Even Holte held a motion graphics workshop in Karlskrona. The students were given material to work with in a program called Nuke, unknown terretory for most of the students. We asked Markus what his thoughts on the workshop were:
"The result from the Motion Graphics students was beyond our expectations. Especially when they had to work in a node / procedual compositing software (Nuke) which differ a lot in the way you create effects compared to After Effects that they are used to. They were also great with dividing the job within the group and selfgoing to get the job done on time. Me & Even really hope someone in the class got interested in doing a career in Visual effects for film during the workshop"

Jonas Jansson Mikael Danielsson Morten Fossey from the Motion Graphics Designer class sent us these still pictures to illustrate their work

and after:

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