Thursday, January 28, 2010

Before & After

During Novemer Markus Lundkvist from Redrum/ Chimney Pot and Even Holte held a motion graphics workshop in Karlskrona. The students were given material to work with in a program called Nuke, unknown terretory for most of the students. We asked Markus what his thoughts on the workshop were:
"The result from the Motion Graphics students was beyond our expectations. Especially when they had to work in a node / procedual compositing software (Nuke) which differ a lot in the way you create effects compared to After Effects that they are used to. They were also great with dividing the job within the group and selfgoing to get the job done on time. Me & Even really hope someone in the class got interested in doing a career in Visual effects for film during the workshop"

Jonas Jansson Mikael Danielsson Morten Fossey from the Motion Graphics Designer class sent us these still pictures to illustrate their work

and after:

Hyper Island are proud to announce that we will be offering 3 new long term programs in the fall of 2010.
  1. Motion Graphics Designer and Developer in Stockholm
  2. Mobile Interface Designer and Developer in Karlskrona
  3. E-Commerce Manager in Stockholm

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hyper Island at Next Generation in Manchester

The Next Generation event is an exclusive session is aimed at those who have recently entered the employment market, David McCall (above) and Christina Andersson from Hyper Island's UK office visited the event together with Tony Foggett, Founder and CEO of Code Computer Love one of UK's top digital agencies and participant on the HyperIsland UK Leadership programme.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laura Jordan Bambach at Hyper Island

Laura Jordan Bambach,
Creative Director from LBi (Lost Boys International) talked about digital branding at Hyper Island Stockholm and Karlskrona this week.

"The lecture was about the changing nature of the industry and the troubles that agencies are facing trying to find a place. Digital is about Conversation and the big question is: how do you make sure that your having the right conversations. There is also the question if the clients are ready to come on this journey with us and how far can we go? . Are they going to try and interact and converse or are they going to buy traditional market space. The answer is: we can go as far as the clients lets us"

What do you think about the Hyper Island student's work?

" I have known Hyper Island for a long time and think what you are doing here is fantastic. It is a great privelege to be here, for me and for the students."

Monday, January 18, 2010

Island2island interview

The Experience Technology exhibition is coming to London. Digital Media students
Nina Amjadi and Andreas Kleiner were asked three questions about the event:

What was the experience technology module all about?

Experience Technology (ET) is a five week module during the two year Digital Media programme at Hyper Island.ET introduces all students to digital technology and the principles of digital development. It is one of the first modules of the programme and the students are establishing their common skill set. It is a playful type of project with a strong focus on exploration and creativity within a team environment.

and now you are going to London..

Our idea was to combine Experience Technology with an event where students can meet the industry and network. The core idea is to inspire and be inspired, but also to have fun!

What are you expectations on the LDN event?

Andreas: My expectations is to have a great event where us students and the industry will have a good time, exchance ideas and inspire eachother.
Nina: I think as a Project Manager you always aim very high and get your expectations up, but I too as Andreas also mainly see to it as a great chance for us students to meet the industry to talk, network and get to know each other. I hope that our installations will be to the guests in London just as exciting as it was for the visitors we had in Stockholm in October.
Come to London if you are there!

Check out the island 2 island website here

Linda Gavin interviewed in Cap & Design

(picture taken from
Did you know that it was a Hyper Island graduate that designed the Twitter logo? She was recently interviewed in top Scandinavian design magazine Cap & Design and talked about how Hyper Island really helped here with her networking, amongst other things. Read the interview here (in Swedish)

Friday, January 15, 2010

This is not just another tea party.

On Friday the 22nd January, Hyper Island Students bring the Experience Technology to London!

A few moths ago the Hyper Island students were given an assignment; to create and build interactive solutions for a huge exhibition in Stockholm. The project was called Experience Technology.

The winning groups, chosen by an independent jury, from the successful exhibition are now hosting a fun and inspirational event at the Platform of Wieden + Kennedy in the UK - from island to island. People are invited to see and experience the winning installations, mingle with future talents from Hyper Island, get inspired by a secret guest speaker and enjoy a nice "After Work" and relaxed Friday night.

Read more here

Exhibition movie EAT09 from eat 09 on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Have you got a good idea?

Interactive Art Director students Joacim, Nathan and Cas have created an interactive application that lets you swap your good ideas with other users. How does it work? Click here and see for yourself
The application is a small success with over 12 000 unique ideas from visitors.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why all the post-its?

At Hyper Island the Client, Design, Strategy and Branding module just started. The Interactive Art Directors were asked to wear post-its that state their skills and ambition; to be able to mix and match themselves with their classmates and to create new and efficient teams. This is the new module's first step, for updates, keep reading the Hyper Island blog...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hyper Island Recruitment Tour @ Wieden+Kennedy in LDN

The Hyper Island Recruitment Tour is back on the road. Our next stop will be London 23 January.
We'll be at Wieden + Kennedy's platform on 16 Hanbury st. Hope to see you all there, don't be a stranger!
Apply here

Friday, January 8, 2010

Markus' Reel

Check out Hyper Island graduate Markus Lundqvist's (Crew 12) showreel.

Markus Lundqvist Reel / Montage 2010 from Markus Lundqvist on Vimeo.

(Audio by Ben Lukas Boysen, Edit by Gregers Dohn,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Portfolio Pep-talk

Joy-Ann Bouwmans and Jasper Mittelmeijer from Amsterdam Worldwide came to Hyper Island in Stockholm and Karlskrona in December.

What were you here to talk about? And what kind of questions did the students have for you?

We came to Hyper Island to talk to the students about their portfolios. Right now the Digital Media students are at the start of their portfolio module and you can imagine there are a lot of questions when it comes to creating one. So we were here to answer all of these and help them on their way. We also talked to the Interactive Art Directors in Stockholm who all come from different backgrounds. The questions from the students ranged from what work to put in and what to leave out to how personal you can get in a portfolio. It has been 3 inspiring days talking to all of the Hyper Island students and we hope to have inspired some of them.

What is your take on the Hyper Island students? Are they the future of the digital media industry?

Jasper: Haha! That doesn't sound like you would take no for an answer. And I think it's exactly that level of ambition and love for the work that will get Hyper Island students pretty much anywhere they'd want to go. With the creative and social skills they develop in here, I'd say Hyper Island students will be a great addition to any agency or studio. I was well impressed. Thanks for that!

Joy: As an old student it’s great to see the students are all still very eager to learn and very driven, focused. The best thing about Hyper Island is its ‘learning by doing’ approach which prepares the students to adapt quickly to new situations. I think this is a very useful skill within the ever-changing environment of, what we call today, digital media. Who knows what digital media develops into in the future, but Hyper Island students will be fully prepared to adjust themselves to and take on any situation. Thank you for having us and hope to see you in the near future!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Recruitment Tour dates

Some of the dates for the Hyper Island Recruitment Tour have been changed. Please visit our tour site for more information!
Hyper Island wishes you a happy New year, and we hope to see you soon at one of our tour stops.