Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Hyper Island Recruitment Tour reaches Brazil

Hyper Island's Mike Cordeiro and Micke Kazarnowicz together with Interactive Art Director student Layla Cavalcante

The Hyper Island Recruitment Tour recently visited Sao Paulo in Brazil
20 students showed up, 18 went through the whole recruitment process.

Some had been following us for some time, but most had recently found us as a result of our Recruitment Tour campaign. One of the major blogs in Brazil wrote about the tour, and after that post the potential students did some research on the net. The result was overwhelming, as we met about double the amount of students we had expected, since this was the first time we went to South America.
Written by Micke Kazarnowicz

Read more about the Recruitment Tour here


Tag44 said...

Thanks for the post and for sharing the very resourceful news online here.

Erika Bäckman said...

Amazing! I will be glad to se more brazilian people at Hyper.